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No Smoking Day
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My Last Day

Day 21 today so i've got to leave you 3 weekers! I'm off to the 1 month thread after today and i aint coming back!

*spraypaints 'GLipz woz 'ere ' on thread walls*

Its been good but gotta skedaddle. Onwards and upwards chaps, tally ho!

*Slams door*


Now to the mature adult part.

No more wheezing or coughing so the rubbish is nearly all out. I heard over the weekend that someone i know died of LCancer (like my dad)...Marboro Reds till the end and also a lady who has LCancer and now in the brain....i feel great that i've stopped BUT sorry for these peeps even though he was 76 and the lady is in her 80s cos the ending sure aint pretty:(

Sorry, bit of a downer but these are the stories that inspire me to quit. If it makes 1 person stop theres a kinda happy ending??? Sounds mean but... I dunno? Maybe?

Carry on the good fight all you peeps coming in behind me:)

Cigs are evil. Never again!

2 Replies

Hi Gooselips:D

Well done 3 weeks done and dusted and you'll soon be counting in months now

I'm sorry you feel a little down about the people you know with L cancer

You're doing really well keep it going

Love and a Hug

Marg xx


Well done getting three weeks sorted, wishing you many more.



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