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morning, still dreaming!!

Hello everyone,

I need some advice please x

I know haven't smoke for over a month but it's not the cravings I'm having problems with its the dreams.

Now some people might enjoy them but I've been dreaming all night every night since the day I quit and i am so sick of it I cant describe.

There are mostly violent dreams and even when i wake from them I go back to sleep and a new dream will start over again!

I have tried taking the patches off 3 to 4 hours before going to bed. Didn't work.

I didn't wear a patch all day yesterday. Although I dreamt again all night they horrible dreams.

I just want to go through the night and not dream!!!

I spoke to the helpful (not) smoking nurse at the doctors and she just said "oh yeah they will stop" which yes I'm sure they will but is it years or months? Is it because of the patches or something unrelated??

If this is because of the patches then I will stop wearing them and go CT as it will be worth it.

Please please any advise would be great xx

Thanks everyone

Claire xxx

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Congrats for being off the ciggies for over a month....doing great :cool:

I'm no expert with the NRT side of do what you will with my comments.

Would there not be a connection between the patches and excessive dreaming. If so then I'd suggest that solely removing the patch 3 or 4 hours before going to bed isn't helping too much. It's possible that you will have to wait until the nicotine has left your system....I've temporarily forgotten how long that it 72 hours (senior moment :o)

You mentioned that you had a day off the patches and that you don't have cravings. They are good signs and so possibly it would be a good idea to go CT now.

At the end of the day it's down to you and how you wish to proceed.

Sorry that I can't be more helpful here,



As Cav mentioned it takes circa 3 days for your body to rid itself of nicotine when smoking. I assume it's likely to be somewhere near the same for patches.

Congrats on the month btw.


Hi Claire,

Sorry to hear you are having problems with bad dreams. When I quit last time I suffered the same & was using patches like you. It took a while for them to subside & like you took my patch off before going to bed but only an hour or so before. If you are taking yours off much earlier & still having problems ummmm..... Are you due to step down a patch soon? I know some programmes are 6 weeks some 4 on the first one so that may help. The other thing you could try is changing your bed time routine. Trick your mind & confuse it a bit, might be enough to break the cycle.

I know how debilatating it can be. You feel like you haven't actually slept for weeks & that makes it harder to cope with your day.

I hope that the nights get better for you soon & WELL DONE ON YOUR QUIT :p

Love Gaynor xx


Hi Claire :D

Well done over a month smoke free that's great Big Hug on it's way

I'm so sorry about these dreams I know how nasty they can be as you didn't use a patch yesterday could be you no longer need them and as Cav say's after 72 hrs you'd be nicotine free

If however you still need something maybe gum or lozenges would be better just when you need a lift sort of thing

Another thing you could try is to cut the patch in half and take it off maybe after tea that way you'd be getting a smaller amount of Nicotine in your system which may also help


Marg xx


Thanks for all your replies they've been a great help.

I'll see how it goes for a 2nd day without a patch and if it gets too much then I'll cut one in half and wear it only for a few hours. I was a dreamer before I gave up smoking but nothing like this!

If they were nice and interesting then maybe i would mind so much!!;)

Thanks again for your help xx fingers crossed x


Sleepless and Smokeless in Seatle LOL

Hi Claire you quit on my birthday so congratulations, yes the dreams are a bit bizzare and with me they lasted couple weeks but I went CT so maybe its the niccotine dont know but they woke me every night and then couldnt get back to sleep hence knackered all the time.

Have warm bath and drink Hot Choc (Cab is best) and read for a bit but make it a soft read that the story line wouldnt scare you and you will dream about what you read, a form of self hypnosis.

Hope the site is good for you and someones advice is the key

Sleep tight



Hi Claire

I am sorry to hear about the dreams and know how you feel. I got so sick of them as well that I started taking my 24 hour patch off about 10pm and then going to bed about 11pm and they have stopped, though it seems you have already tried this!

I think reading a nice book may help and trying to write down a list of things to do or anything that may be stressing you out in case that makes them worse.

Good luck and keep up the excellent work - you are doing amazingly!



Thanks everyone x

I didn't have any nightmares last night which was a result just dreamt of pulling pints for some unknown reason?? then woke up at 4 till half 6!! boo.

Think I'll have an early night tonight with a good book, not one about murders mind!!! :D

I know some people say that they wished they remembered their dreams or dreamt more but I would be happy not to dream again for years!!!!! :)


Like you I suffered the most vivid dreams I've ever had. I think it's partly the patches and also the poisons leaving your body. Like any drug user getting clean. they have abated with me, I did have one good one though I even woke myself up laughing.I found that when I reduced to 14ml patch the dreams lessened. Marie xx


Hypnotherapy CD's

Hi Claire

Nice work! The thing I use if I'm having tough nights is a hypnotherapy CD...I have a few and I don't know if they hypnotise me or not but they give me the best nights sleep ever... makes me feel great.

I had a quit smoking CD that didn't come close to making me quit but that was the best one for a restful night and could get me off to sleep in a matter of minutes.

Really recommend trying it


Hey Clare,

I can only speak from experience but on previous quit attempts on patches I've had dreams like yours, really vivid, almost indistinguishable from real life, panoramic vision, surround sound, violent dreams. I hardly got any sleep. I was sweating. I was exhausted. Nicotine is a drug and a stimulant and you're drip feeding it into your body with the patches then it stands to reason it's going to interfere with some people's sleep. I avoided them on this quit and haven't had any sleep problems. I know different quit methods work for different people but it you can lose the patches it might help your sleep patterns over time.


Edit: DVD's about space and the universe seem to send me off if I ever get a bout of insomnia.


if your really struggleing try nightnurse, it works as a sleeping aid according to the bottle. helps you sleep and feel drosey (over the counter medicine).


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