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Omg i forgot


Hi everyone,

Havent posted for a while but still popping in everyday to see how everyone is :D

Thing is, just as I went to pop in there now I realised, I havent changed my patch today, normally change first thing in morning!!!!! I slept in this morning and completley forgot.

What do I do?

Should I put new one on now?

Should I got CT.

I didnt realise I was without it and to be honest didnt feel and worse than normal.

Cath x

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Hmm, it it were me, I'd be tempted to take it off and not replace and see how I felt in the morning.

Your sounding pretty strong but it's your choice as to going CT. I dropped patches pretty quickly (10 days or so) and was OK.

Think it through and do what you feel is best.

All the best, and let us know what you decide and how it goes :)

I'd say go CT and if that doesn't do it then smack one on!

Just a quick update,

Didnt put another patch on last nite, and have done without one 2day.

it hasnt been easy 2day but then it hasnt killed me either :)

Gonna stay of patches now totally....... fingers crossed

Cath x


I hope it works for you Kate.

I did this the other day, I went a whole 20 hrs without it, but tghen I put a patch on lol, just felt uncomfortable and didnt want to tempt fate, im on the mid strength ones and next mon will go to the lowest, so I will ha ve completted the 3 step program in 5 weeks :)

but I just thought to myself what another week if it keepsme smoke free! well I say now u done it keep goiung with it :)

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