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Day 33


...I think! I'm not on the right 'puter to have all the correct details; somewhere near correct though.

I had a real nice weekend catching up with my sister, her hubby and my mum and stepdad. Thankfully both journeys were pretty good (under 3 hours); another mission accomplished; I'd usually get through a good 5 or 6 smokes historically. Also wasn't tempted as my mum hit the smokes in the evening. Fairly chuffed considering the occasional want (not a crave). On those occasions I've just said "ok go have one" to myself...and haven't. It makes me chuckle that the feeling I'm getting now is the same but opposite to previous thoughts of quitting. You know the 'that's the last one' and two hours later 'I'll start tomorrow or next week'. Now I get the mild want and think 'go have one then' and the response is 'I can't be bothered' or 'tomorrow or next week'.

I digress...

Feeling better for treating peeps to a nice Sunday roast yesterday and a long coastal walk, although my leg seems to be getting worse. Trip to the docs this week I think.

Well I've whittered complete rubbish for the past few minutes so I'll be letting you all continue with your day.

Well done fellow quitters...not long until tomorrow :)

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Hi Stav

For what it's worth, I enjoyed your whittering! :)

I completed my first month yesterday and, as a treat, my other half took me away for the weekend. It was so lovely and I also went for a coastal walk!

I am glad it is going well for you. I am going to attempt a dance class tonight to keep myself entertained and off the evil cigarettes! Not sure I will be much good but it is worth a go - just hope I don't fall over!

Hel x

Thanks for the response Hel,

Weekends away are good...I shouldn't say that really as the wife stayed at home to look after the animals!

Dancing sounds fun!...I think.

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