No Smoking Day
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day 12

Hi all

Still getting cravings and mood swings but I am in control.

Cant stop eating but will worry about that later

feeling sad all the time, feel lost

my body knows that there is something missing and craves it

taking one day at a time

feel I am cheating being on patches really wanted to go CT

But I know I can't do that just yet

thats for the future


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hey bill,

sorry to hear your feeling down. Its pretty common, so dont worry, your not alone.

It's pretty important to be kind to yourself through all this. Right now you dont need to worry about any other stuff that needs to be changed or fixed in your life.

Your quitting smoking right now and If you do wanna focus on that. Its the biggest most positive thing you can do to turn your life around for the better and guess what? Your nearly 2 weeks through the hard part at the beginning :D

hang in there mate and remember to really remind yourself how great you've already done. two weeks is really close now :)

hang tough buddy,



Day 13......... feels worse than day one,

Nic demon is trying to convince me Just one ciggy wont do any harm

Tried everything I can think off to ignor him

Only been awake 6 hours been at war all that time

struggling today again

Will do my best not to give in

A mill stone tomorrow two weeks going to get there

Ah well will let you know tomorrow if I am still on track

(should have tried CT instead of patches)

Bill :(


I am glad you are ignoring the Nicdemon. I hope things get better for you soon. Nearly 2 weeks is great. I am a wee bit behind you.


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