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woop woop day 7 for me!!!

om my days I never thought I would get here but here I am on day 7!

still going strong and working with it :)

been a bit tetchy the last day or two but hey im kinda moody anyways so not really much difference lol

i just cant beleive how my mindset has changed within the last 7 days, I know I may not be through it yet and have a long way to go but already my mind is thinking like a non smoker! in tesco the other day I walked past a guy who must have smoked loads that day and it absolutly stank horrid! I smelt a few smokers and its been bad but jeez this man was way out of there league!

I said to my boyfriend omg did we really smell like that, he were like yep but you just didnt notice it!

well I start my week two tomorow and fingers crossed it will go as well as week 1! It really has helped coimng here reading about others and just writing things down, even if I have ranted abit hehe

thanks everyone what ever stage of your quit, im sure you have all hafd a part to play in my quit on here :)

heres looking for a succesful week 2

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Well done Kate.

Makes you think what people must have thought when we walked past eh? I was a minority at work; I got concerned to the point I actually apologised to those who sit closest to me for how I must have smelt.

Sounds like your mind is in the right place though. I think the key to quitting (my personal opinion) is not to be a quitter. You stopped (made the decision) on day 1, that was your quit. Now you just have to stand by your decision, the future is now all about choices!


Keep Strong....

Good on u Kate, Hope the 2nd week is as good as the 1st for you.

That smell is terrible I know, but u dont smell it on yourself. Only notice it when u quit..... Have a good week, and keep up the good work Kaz :p


Hi Kate :D

Well done you into your 2nd week tomorrow that's great Big hug


Marg xx


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