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75 Dayski's

Yip yip yip!!!!

75 daaaaays today!

Soooo chuffed.... Tis the longest i've ever quit before and it feels good...!!!

for all of those in icky moods, and having yukky times... hang on in there it gets lots better definately.

Thanks for sharing my happy boingy bouncyness, and my ranty bleakness... the happiness far outstrips the moo'ness these days!

Big Love and Stay Strong - We can do this together


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well done on 75 days - felt ruddy fantastic at 75 day, enjoy your quit, protect it and well done you.


75 days is fantastic....well done Zozie

Keep going and I love your positivity here, you are always a breath of fresh air....

Keep on my lovely....xx


Hi Zozie :D

75 days that's fantastic and I'm so pleased the yukkiness is mostly behind you now

Keep it going I promise it gets even better


Marg xx


It's good to hear from you whatever your mood is Zozie, well done on 75 days, magic.



Xozie very well done on 75 days thats fab. Go girl........................

Dee xxx


Yay hey hey!!!

Thanks everyone...

Pretty chuffle muffled....

Went to a photoshoot yesterday, everyone else was chuffing away (bout 15 people... and i was branded the token non smoker.... cheeky buggers!

Very proud of it of course... but singling out makes you feel a little centre stage.

Also made me think how long you hang about as a non smoker waiting for them all to just finish.....

..... and they smell like pooey pants! :p

;o) xxxx


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