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what to think about?

Day 8

Can anybody tell me what I used to think about all day before all I could think about was cigarettes.

Also, before I started smoking (ok I was very young and still at school) what did I do to reward myself, give myself a break or general me time?

I am still feeling lost and as though I am missing out - logically I know i'm not but I can't help feeling that way.

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It's normal for you to feel this way.... I know it's annoying as heck to think about fags all day long but in time it will pass.... find ways to fill the void.... you've taken something huge out of your life (and be glad that you did) but now you have to find positives to fill the 'hole'.... exercise, reading, even being here on the forum posting and learning about your addiction... You are doing fine, it may seem it's never going to get better just now but it will! Trust me on that, okay. Take care.


hey nessy,

you gotta keep your mind active at this point of your quit. You WILL stop thinking about them, I promise but it might take a bit of time.

I find that thinking about Natalie Portman kept my mind of smoking but thats just me :D

no seriously - just try and keep reminding yourself of all the positive parts of quitting. If you dont have a list of your own yet you could spend some time reading those of other quitters in the "reasons to quit" section.

stay strong,



I think you are really on the right track with this thought! I touched on it briefly in the post about keeping positive.

For me smoking was often a reward. As you say, a reward for finishing something, a reward when taking a break, a reward to get ready to do something...LOL it really is funny when you think about it. So yes, what was it I used to do before shoving a cig in my mouth?

What I am doing is, every time I think, 'time for smoke', I stop and tell myself I am not a smoker and a smoke will not....fill in the blank...(such as, be a nice reward for finishing mopping). Then I ask myself, what would would be a nice reward, and then do that. Might be just a deep breath, put my feet up for a second and look at the blue sky. Then I set myself up to repeat this. Next day I would on purpose mop and all the time keep telling my self as soon as I am done I will ...fill in the blank reward. Trying to prevent the smoking trigger from happening, and to build a new trigger for something else.

I find the things I do most often do not trigger anymore at all. Like after meals, first thing in the morning, driving, talking on the phone or using the computer. When I trigger now it is something I do not on a regular bases or maybe have not done since I stopped smoking. If I can I try to repeat the activities several days in a row till that reflex to smoke stops happening.

I think it is so important to build in rewards every day, to be kind to yourself every day and many times a day. That 'something missing' everyone talks about could be the loss of the reward system you are talking about. We need to build a new one, go above and beyond each day to make sure we take care of ourselves!


I know it's difficult at work etc, but have you thought about replacing the smoking with something else? I took up guitar, running amongst a few other odds 'n' sods. I find I'm now never in a position where I really have time to get the craving thoughts.


Nessy..I had a really bad day yesterday too. It was day 9 for me (day 8 of CT). I wasn't too bad at work and only had one or two bad craves, but last night was absolute murder.

I know they say that craves only last 3 minutes, but I was constantly craving a cig for nearly two hours between about 8:30 and when I went to bed at 10:30. No ammount of tea or pastry could help me this time.

Strangely, this morning I haven't had a single crave yet, not even a small one. Maybe that was the crest of the hill and it's downhill all the way from here??? I hope so for both our sakes!

Keep your chin up!


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