Test one

I posted this in the New years revolutions but thought i would post it here aswell to let you all know how im getting on:D and ive added a little more

Day 16 for me and last night was my first challenge because i went to a house party and first time i had some beers since i quit and wow i drank a hell of alot lol.

I was totaly shocked when i got to the party because most of them was smokers i could see the smoke the minute i walked in the house, it was that bad.

But i did not smoke and was not tempted to smoke i just saw the cigarette for what it really was, just constant nicotine leaving the body all the time.

I know now that its not habit its an addiction. My friend which came with me packed up also but he started smoking after a few beers.It was a good night but now im paying the price very hungover and just plan to stay in bed all day lol.But really glad i past the first real test and i will keep my gaurd up at all times ready for the next one. I seem to have the confidence and determination at the moment but i know how easy it is to have a bad day and just loose all that and then forget why i quit.Then golllums (the nicotine monster) talking to you even more and his sugestions to have a cigarette sounds like a good idea!:eek:

How is everyone?

lee x

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  • Oh well done Lee, that was an enormous hurdle to cross and you DID IT!!!!!!, Fanastic!!!!!:D

    I'm sure you hangover would have been far worse if you had been smoking, plus you would have been smoking with the hangover today, which as a non smoker now I can fully understand my hubby saying why do it when you feel rough?, but it's like you say an addiction.

    Top of the class for you.


  • Hi Lee :D

    16 days well done and also well done getting pasr that hurdle that's great huge Hug on its way for you

    Sorry you feel rough because of a hang over but YAY you're still smoke free


    Marg xx

  • Hi Lee

    Well done mate that great bet you feel very proud of yourself this morning. Hope the hangover is a little better now but just think how you would feel if you caved. Bet your mate is double gutted today. Good for you Lee.xxxx

  • Thanks marg,shaz and linda feeling abit better but very tired will sure sleep well tonight:D

    My friend is not feeling guilty, i dont think hes ready to quit just yet but i know he will do it once he gets his mind focused.

    Well done everyone keep up the good work:D

    Sends positive vibes to everyone ~~~~

    lee x

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