No Smoking Day

Calling all December quits

Who and where are all the December quits, am I the only one or are there more out there? Come show yourselves so we can all get together plus I'm having a bad day and it would be cool to know what the rest of you are feeling. Please don't tell me I'm all alone in this world. :(


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Check out this link for Festive quitters Jack. It's in the Scocial Group area.

Hope your day gets better Jack. It's only half way through, plenty of time for improvement.

Oh, and how do you keep pckt of 8 in your jeans without getting them all squashed?

Stay strong and smile, your not alone



You are doing just fine Jack and no you are definitly not alone. How could you think that when you have got us lot on here?

I'm beind you. Oh no your not. Oh yes I am... (sorry panto season over I know) LOL


Ladies thanks to you I'm feeling a lot better already, hugs to you both.

Pol I have joined the group and Tinks I think I read earlier you were a bit down, good to see the sence of humour back.:D

Jack xx


Hi there!

I quit first of december, had a couple of smokes on boxing day and they made me sick. I have not smoked since. My last smoke since that couple which again, just reinforced how bad smoking was to me, was on the 26th of November!


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