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People notice what you do

People do notice whether you're smoking or not. First day back at work and two people have said well done on not smoking – they noticed that I'm not stinking as I used to!

And on a really positive note, a smoking-buddy of mine has started his quit. He was asking me before Christmas how I'd stopped and left with the usual "I'll think about doing that" (we all remember saying that, don't we?). Well, he started on Champix yesterday, said he'd seen me do it and made the decision to stop (he did seem relieved that I hadn't weakened over Christmas). I've told him about this forum, and that I'm available when he wants to rant, whinge, moan or whatever.

So, as well as me stopping the damn things, I may have helped another person in deciding to be free of the ciggies. I feel really good about that, but also a bit more pressure/ encouragement not to fall back into being a smoker.

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It's good when people notice and take the time to positively comment, it helps, it's nice :)

Oh, so your mate will stop the smokes this month won't he? He'll be a Jan quitter with Tinks.

I can empathise to some degree with the additional pressure of a close friend/relative having quit brings......... it helped me though.... yes it was a bit of pressure but a useful pressure.... worked both ways for me and my friend. She went on champix but stopped it after 3 weeks and is still smoke free and is somewhere between 1.5 and 2 months.

Hope all goes well with your friend Dave.


Hey Dave, isn't it nice to be noticed for the right reasons? and not by someone who coughs as they walk past you when you're smoking. Well done for getting through the holidays.



People do notice whether you're smoking or not i find that quiet alot.Well done on helping someone else to quit it will make you feel very good and he will never forget you :)

Im still feeling very strong and i no i wont start again as i never want to do day 1 again as i do feel it is getting easier.

I do still have days when i fancy one but it does pass when i do something else.

I wounder sometimes to myself how the hell did i ever afford to buy them, as my o/h is very slack at work and we have very little money to live on, life is one big struggle,but let me say he still has his roll ups.

im at weight watchers tomorrow after a 3week break im dreading it big time as i feel i have have put loads on well i no i have, at least half a stone so i must get my head around that now and get back into the swing on it before the summer is here.

Im going out Thursday evening and really looking forward to it,its my daughters 16th birthday so me my daughter and my mum are going for our eat all you can eat chinese and im so looking foward to it a girlie evening.

Then that it it after Thursday my diet will be begin and i have nothing comeing up till my Birthday on 27th Feb so i will loose this weight ;)


Hi Dave :D

Well done not only on your own quit but for inspiring some one else to quit


Marg xx


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