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Surprisingly satisfying

I met up for the annual festive lunch today with some of my female relatives. Six of us in total and included 1 non smoker and 1 ex smoker (me :)).

I was the last to arrive and no sooner had I sat down when my non smoking Aunt proceeded to tell the rest of us that we were not allowed to go out for a smoke all together. She was sick of being left on her own time and time again each year.

I then proudly informed everyone that I would not be joining them for smokes between courses and drinks any longer as I had given up since Oct 15th.

All smokers were very pleased for me and openly admitted their respect and jealousy. During their, between the 4 of them, frequent trips outside for a smoke, never once did I think about or want, to join them for a smoke.

It didn't cross my mind to be pleased about not having to go out anymore in all kinds of cold wet weather but neither did it cross my mind that a smoke at any stage during the get together would have been nice.

A couple of smokers were expecting me to be all holy and righteous about it but that really is not my way. They respected my choice, I respect theirs.

Though I did take the opportunity to point out to my cousin that roll ups are much much cheaper and less stinky than tailor-made.

Only on getting home did I realise I'd not been effected either way by smoking/not smoking. What a lovely balance :) Very reassuring.

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Well done Pol, that is a really uplifting post.

I am out tonight for hubby work do so ti will be interesting to see how I feel but I dont know them and hubby wont be going out so it should not worry me.

Feel very very proud tonight love...xx


Good feeling aye when you can tell a group that you used to smoke with that you have quit, they know it is hard work to do it, but it may encourage them to perhaps try themselves in the new year (even if you didn't pressure them nor be the typical ex-smoker).

Another positive thing from quitting :)


Well done Pol and bless your Aunt!!

I have always said I will never turn into a ranting ex smoker (as those really annoyed me when I did smoke) but it was good of them to be pleased for you. xx


A great post Pol!

I have also found that those nights out that I dreaded with smokers, were never quite as bad as I thought they were going to be. And everytime you go on such a night out, they get easier to do as a non-smoker.


Surprisingly satisfying ......

That's the thread title and was about my pre-Christmas family lunch out and not missing smoking.

It's seems a suitable thread for a final Month 3 post from me.

Surprisingly satisfying .....

Is also how I found Month 3, despite business concerns and Christmas. There are a lot posts on this forum about the terrible threes and many posts from people who had a bad Month 3.

I enjoyed Month 3...... if that's possible :) Admittedly I had bigger concerns to worry about than my quit but after Month 2, Month 3 quit wise, was a joy to go through.

Thank you Month 3, a good place for me to have traveled through, oh and the journey was made a lot more pleasurable and fun by many of you, esp the Octo's :D

So all you well prepared folk who are reading ahead, just because some do have a genuine bad Month 3, doesn't mean you will :)

It's your quit and can be OK, even enjoyable.


You called yourself an Ex Smoker...Sounds like you are a Non Smoker now :)

That's the way...I need to get out for a social to get that out of the way...To stay strong while others around smoke...That's when it really hits home that you don't need it... I have noticed just how bad people smell after returning from a swift cig outside (in the fresh air)...Really overpowering...I remember thinking that people wouldn't be able to smell it as I had been outside. Thought I was getting away with it...But I was stinking...we all where...:eek:


pol - thats great to hear good on you!

i'm wondering whether I'll become all preachy about giving up at some point. I think its too early just yet. I do feel quite smug about it now though when I see people going out all the time - is that wrong?:o


Hey Pol,

Thats blooming marvelous! So pleased for you, hope you feel very proud of yourself! :D

Much Love Mixxy xxx


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