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Nice weather - Nasty surprise

Hi everyone, just had a bit of a "nasty" sneak up on me which I thought might be worth sharing. With the weather turning nice (for a change) I dragged out the barbeque which I really, really love doing. Suddenly I hit an absolute load of triggers - lighter to get the thing going, smell of charcoal, standing outside with a glass of wine - all things that would have previously been accompanied with a cigarette or 5. Lighting the chiminea and a few candles, chatting away, more wine...... I had to quickly grab the puffer which took my mind off it but there must be some deep seated thing in my brain about burning things and having a fag! I can't believe I didn't see it coming but I'm glad I've come face to face with it as we have about 3 BBQ's a week if the weather allows! Hope this may help any other BBQ nuts


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What weather!

I was a complete coward, refused to sit out in the garden over the weekend as i thought garden + sun = cigarette.

I know I'll have to at some point, but wasn't brave enough this weekend!!



If I'd thought about it, I think I may have done the same but getting the BBQ out is such an automatic thing to do I got caught unawares! Still I fought off the craves, so being a blundering doofus sometimes has it's advantages:)


Mmmmm i had similar this weekend.... somehow i seemed to have all of this time on my hands and no cigarillo's to occupy it.... i became barbeque obsessed... substituting my old fix with tongs and spatulas.... and then with sowing seeds and stuff....

I have read others that you have to do a full years cycle of everything that you previously associated with smoking.... an unsmoking birthday... unsmoking xmas etc.... summer for me is or was i should say, beer, bbq's, festivals, more beer.... ahhhh did i perchance mention the resistance weakening beer at all? hohoho!!! still couple of bbq weeks and we'll have forgotten the triggers as with many others.... keep strong.... we'll all do it together!!! ;o) xx


Ever since I quit I've been stressing about the good weather coming and whether or not I'd cope- It has def been harder since the sun came out (not that I'm moaning about the sunshine mind) but not as awful as I thought it was going to be- and as these are such strong associations, each one we survive smoke free is a huge achievement. I've been doing more Summer stuff that I don't associate as much with fags- the beach, long walks and less of the BBQ's and G and T's in the setting sun.

The lighter thing is weird isn't it- be it for candles/barbie/camping stove- it ends up right next to my nicotine gum/inhalator. I agree about the year cycle too- and I think there's a fine line to be played between the taking each day at a time approach and the considering future potential triggers and planning for them- getting the right balance between the two is tricky at times. Here's to lots more sunshine free from the haze of ciggy smoke

Polly xxx


Give it a go and face it head on :P

It's like a quit within a quit and equally as satisfying when you nail it :)

Don't let the fear of smoking miss the beautiful out doors. Life's to short to smoke and equally too short to miss all the sunny warm weather because of a fear of smoking.


Ah yes, the great outdoors. Funny how I used to always always look for a pub with a garden, and not cause I just like being outside :D Now I almost want one without a garden. But, this past weekend I sat outside for ages, and really enjoyed it.

It's amazing how nice the grass and flowers smell, eh?


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