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Hi all, day 29

Good morning all. I'm feeling very pleased with myself for making it this far. My lungs have coped well with daily walks so I attempted a 6km bike ride. The lungs coped but the knees are a bit wobbly.

Wow this place is somethin. The chairs look comfy and the bar is crowded. I think I'll take that seat by the fire and watch the snow out the window. I've never seen snow at xmas :p And I think I know what is causing the weight gain, not the alcohol but the soft drink that goes with it. So give me a scotch and water please.

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Hi Smoky, well done on day 29 it's a great feeling.

Help yourself at the bar, this one is on me.



Hi non Smokey Bear

Big congrats for getting one month completed and getting yourself into Month 2.

Enjoy the fire..... there's a whole load of logs round the side ready chopped and stacked. I love an open fire... I've got the Month 3 one going today. You'll want my chair when you move in here then ;)

Good for on cutting out the soft drinks and their unwanted side effects :cool:

Enjoy your whisky with water.... much better.

Have a great Month 2 and I hope it's a nice steady crave free time you have in here.

Pol x


Hi Smokybear :D

30 days now for you that's great well done you have every right to be pleased with yourself also well done on those daily walks and the 6km cycle ride so pleased to hear the lungs coped the knees will catch up though very sson and not feel so wobbly :D

Just one thing I think we should change your name to NONSMOKYBEAR [much more appropriate now ] don't you think


Marg xx


Thanks, I would change my name but I dont know how??


You can't yourself, but you could ask the moderators/admins.


Yay hey hey hay SmokyBear....

Tip top lovely fabbly dabbley to see you in Monthy Twoooo!!!!

Glad your testing them lungs... Tis fab when they work better, I'm loving walking my doggie soo much more currently on hills and stuff, its oodles easier!!!!

I'm just off to the extensive and well stocked drinks cabinet... What would you like? xx


Hey smoky...wtg on 29 days.....tomorrow is my 5 weeks....I'll

have a Crown and water please


Well done yomik, 5 weeks, let met get u that crown and water:D I need the exercise.


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