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sudden tasks

what is it about being faced with a new task/challenge/anything u didnt expect that makes me want a cig?

was asked to prep an extra unit to be assessed on friday, only planned 1.. of course I will do it but when I got home from work all I wanted was a cig to sit back and assess what do I do next....

no cig :):)

part of another assessment done..... might be really proud of my self and aim for 3 units wooooo

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I think the answer is because that is what we would have usually done before. We sort of rewarded ourselves and we thought they helped us to think, lets face it we had one for every reason under the sun.

Good going with your quit.



I did my best thinking in the smoking area. It is just something you will have to re-learn. I did not ever smoke in the house. I smoked in the garage. Today I needed a pair of pliers and was headed to the garage to get them. A little voice said "and smoke". That is what the cravings have become, notions. Behavior modification is what it's called. Did that help??


Hi Tigger :D

You're reaction to being asked to do something extra was entirely normal so well done you for resisting that urge it's what we all would have done before after all lit a fag as a reward or to help us think

You should be proud of yourself for staying smoke free and getting through that trigger


Marg xx



Well done Tiggerpaws... You lovely strong PurryKittyfluff! :)

Tis most marvellous that you can operate without them, rather pleased so i am,... keep up the marvellous work!!!! xxxxx


Hurrah for resisting! :D

I'm finding that i have to change things now, like the order i do things because others wise i just feel like something is missing. Evenings is the hardest for me... where i would have normally snuggled on the sofa, watched a film, smoked and gone to bed. Now... always something missing... so i'm having to keep busy even to the point i go to bed otherwise i get down on myself and my mind wanders.. boo!

Well done to you! Keep it up... :p


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