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Night or day cravings

We all suffer from the dreaded cravings at different times of the day. Does anyone have a bad cravings during the day or night. I would get very bad cravings in the evening but not sure why. A friend of mine who is quitting at the moment gets them full on in the morning but they diminish in strength as the day progresses. Anyone have a theory?

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I seem to crave while I'm walking to work in the morning & then again when I'm walking back to the car. I think that this was when I used to cram a few in because obviously we can't smoke indoors & by the time we finish work we were pretty desperate for a ciggy. Again just before bed is a difficult time for me. Oh, & also while my son is being annoying. Like Now. AAARGHH!!!


My worst cravings are when my hubby is out in the evenings and I am on my own. I'm also quite bad when I get back from work and sit on the sofa with a cup of coffee!!


my worst so far ( only being a day 3r) last thing at night, after breakfast. morning coffee when I wake and need loo. like others getting home from work.

keep going all

I have saved £30 so far as I have not bought any cigs since last Sunday, I find this another motivator


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