12 Weeks

Hi Everyone, Haven't been around for a while, returned at one point and the forum was down? so i left it for a while and have now returned!!

I hope you are all well and you are doing well with your quits :)

12 Weeks today!!!! Never thought I would say that but here I am!!! Finished my Champix last week and have been sleeping better since I stopped, I have thoughts of smoking daily still, not ravaging "I need a fag thoughts" just habitual thoughts of times when I would have had one, tiring and draining, but my willpower is strong and I have no intention of having a fag, so hi, ho, hi ho, onward we go!!!

Fay xxx :D

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  • Hi Fay :D

    Well done 12 weeks smoke free that's great Big Hug

    Those habit thoughts take a while to go but go they will


    Marg xx

  • Thanks Guys x

    Thanks Magareth/Chrissie,

    Everything seems to be good at the moment!, The kids are still being supportive Chrissie, they are so proud of their Mummy!!

    Hope you are both well

    Love Fay xxx

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