No Smoking Day
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OoOOo Day 20!

Morning all,

Well I am at work... it's not raining which is a definite PLUS! And it's day 20 :D

My patch has decided not to stick properly this morning, must have got to hot n sweaty cycling to work lol Might have to get some selotape on it :confused:

And no thats not a new regime I've always cycled lol but I hope it helps keep off any extra pounds that might wanna slip on during this process.

So how are we all today? All good I hope :)

Mixxy xxx

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Hi mixxy :D

You sound bright and breezy this morning and day 20 is great

You're doing really well and tomorrow will see week three done and dusted for you


Marg xx


Morning, you sound so up beat this morning. Day 20 is fantastic so nearly a whole month fag free.

I am doing ok, thanks for asking. I have not smoked over 3 thousand cancer sticks, gosh that makes me feel good.

Enjoy the rest of your smoke free day.


Well Done Mixxy!!!

Day 20 is fabulous going, i'm squeezing myself with delight that i shall be joining you in 2 days!!! whoop de whoop!

I've managed to refind bright and happy thoughts.. :D

Wonderful, amazing and delicious.



haha Thanks all. I am rather bubbly today which is nice :D

You sound pretty bright yaself there zozie!

Nearly lunch time yayyyyy which is good cos I'm starvin marvin!



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