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4 months done and dusted now into month 5

:eek: well the days are just rolling by now and people see me as a non smoker:D I still have some strong cravings when i could quite easily light up...but know my addiction now so will not feed it one little puff!!!! well done to everyone else who has made it this far...I hope everything is going well??

anyone given up at this stage before?? IF YOU DID WHY? want to be prepared don't want to think it's easy at this stage i'm sure I will live with lifelong cravings??

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You are doing great, keep going and you will get there. Yes, the only thing nipping at your ear now is the addiction, if you don't feed it, it will stop nipping.



Oh cool!! 4 months !! nicely done :) welcome to the month 4/5 forum too :)

I've posted about this many times, but as you are asking i'll warn you anyway ... christmas.. yep thats right .. christmas.... tis the season to be jolly fa la la la bleurgh :)

Basically, just be on your guard during christmas, especially during family gatherings and when friends who smoke come round.. i ruined a 6 month+ quit last year by having just 1 cigar after christmas lunch.. 'as a treat'... so don't do the same.. spare yourself that.

No matter what, if you get any crazy thoughts of '... hmm i could have just one after dinner...' ..or thoughts of having one on christmas day.. just stop yourself right there and come to your senses quick.

Happened to me, and i was confident i was on a good quit last winter.. but not this year.. ohhhhhhhhhhhh no no no no :)

I think many would say.. beware being complacent, so just be on your guard.


Congratulations Bex

We've come a long way.

I too have had really strong cravings the past week or so. I think the nico demon is trying a different tactic and has possessed my son though. He has been trying his hardest to wind me up lately and it has taken a lot of deep breathing to stop me ripping his head off and then driving to the shop - I am stronger than that though and will mark the days off on the calendar until he moves out. :p


well done bex - been doing the same myself with getting scared about getting caught off guard. quit feels pretty solid now but i still think about it way more than i would like,

good on you - enjoy month 5 :)


Hi Bextala :D

Well done you 4 months done and dusted Congrtulations

Sorry you're still getting strong craves but this is normal for some of us but they will go I really can't re,e,mber the last time I had more than a fleeting thought gone almost before it's there


Marg xx


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