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Raddle's back :)

Hi folks,

Some of you Mad March Quitters and the April Shower will remember me, hi ;). In short, I have been struggling on and off rollies for months, and I thought I'd come on here for a real quit attempt, instead having to go through the constant cycle of dishonest spur-of-the-moment attempts. I know how supportive this forum was for me earlier in the year.

Still practicing my QiGong, I train in London once a week, and I go to Footy matches every other week, up the Foxes! I'll be moving home soon and getting my first house, in Leicester! Lovely Victorian Terrace, superduper.

Well I quit officially 4 hours ago, got my nicotine gum at the ready, bring it on!!!

Hey have we got a name sorted for the November quitters?

Cheers all,

Raddle. :D

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Congratulations on giving it another go. It a rough road but one that can be traveled. If I may...It is nicotine you are addicted to.


Congratulations on giving it another go.

Thanks mate :)

If I may...It is nicotine you are addicted to.

You may :)


Hey Mr Raddle, good to see you back again.

It's always a good time to quit.

Hey have we got a name sorted for the November quitters?

There is a strong looking group called De Novo. Check out the Social Groups in the Quick Links drop-down list.

All the best, post often and let us know how you are getting on.





this is my 4th attempt and my last. If I cant do it this time I never will.

keep trying...... I will do it this time I ma sure, not sure how but feel good about it... could kill a cig now though lol



Raddleman. There is no cure to being a just cant stop that one anymore than I can stop being a Villan. Hope you do well in curing the smoking habit though ;)


Welcome back Mr Raddle. Your quit time must be at least 8 Hours by now and day 1 will be over before you know it. 23 days have somehow slipped by for me- quite frankly that's a minor miracle.;)


Welcome back, I'm myself having another go at it! The more the merrier!!

Hope you're doing ok. Keep practising QiGong, tell us more!



Hi Raddle :D

Glad to have you back and well done restarting your quit

You know the routine read the post's and the links post often to let us know how you're doing, yell if/when you need help/support

And the most important Don't smoke not even a puff


Marg xx


Hi from another serial quitter! This is my 4th go, and my last. Hope your day one is going good, and you're feeling ok. See you in De Novo!


Welcome back, good to see you again, you know the ropes, do the reading etc etc. Look forward to watching you gain every day.



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