Sitting in Cod's Waiting Room

I had an appointment with the Smoking Nurse on Friday. Friday appointments with two particular nurses are for those who are quitting or those with respiratory problems.

Sitting in the waiting room with at least 8 other people I noticed (or rather heard!) at least 4 with severe breathing problems. The way they could only take a certain amount of air in, how the air they struggled to take in only seemed very shallow but painful to draw. The rattle that accompanied the shallow but laboured breathing. The hesitation that each inhale and exhale is completed in. To breathe any quicker you just know would result in a sever coughing fit.

We all know knew why we were there and no words were needed.

In fact after sitting there thinking , there but for the grace....... I really didn't need to see the nurse, sitting there was a sad but bloody good reminder of why this quit is going to work.

I did see the nurse but I won't be going back. 10 mins in that waiting room did more than any future visits with her will do.

I can and I will do this. There is no room for iff and butts.

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  • Thanks for that Pol - it's good to have the reminder. I saw the Nurse of Friday too and it was all positive. Maybe sometimes it helps to 'see' where we'd end up if we give up the quit - got to feel sorry for those people though, it could very easily have been me.

  • I'm sure you wouldn't be there for the halibut. I suspect you'd rather spend your dace not feeling such a sprat. And I'm sure you won't flounder in your quit...although I bet there's dace you don't f-eel so fact really carp. But now you are becoming a dab hand at this...and you know within your sole you will no longer be a smoked herring.

    Here's a sea-horse up close :)

  • Thanks Pol, I was going to get on here and have a whine about my tough few hours yesterday. I made it through and I really have nothing to whine about

  • Pol. Good post and well received. I have not visited a nurse or clinic but your description is graphic enough for me - lets not let smoking take us to that place!. A tight chest was enough to wake me up (that continued for a week but is gone now).

  • I made it through and I really have nothing to whine about

    Good for you non Smokey Bear on making another day smoke free. Plus, your from down-under, its the poms that wine and whinge ;)

    But feel free to wine when you need to..... how you feel is valid and is to be worked through.

    Cav, so long and thanks for all the 'fish'. haha, good post, cheers.

    Thanks to Dave and Delboy - I think this post will be one I'll come back to.

  • Pol

    Good post, I was feeling a real craving whilst reading that, but no longer.

    Well done you, am proud of you. We can do this

    Dee xxx

  • I had a similar experience in work, there is a woman who's been here for years whom i had to go visit one morning to get some information for a document i was writing.. she could hardly get her breath, proper labouring.. it was as though she'd just ran a marathon.. and yet? She still smokes.. even now.. still smokes despite the terrible state of her breathing.

    The real question here is? How long do you leave it before you decide.. enough is enough and quit?

    Right now?

    Next week?

    Next Month?

    Next Year?

    Perhaps 5 ?



    So more power to everyone who has quit already, but certainly the same to folk who have decided they are going to quit very very soon. Theres no better time than now.

  • Thanks Pol. It really brings it home. When you're young, ill health due to smoking seems too distant to contemplate, but as we continue smoking over the years, it reallyis just around the corner. Makes me pleased I stopped when I did but regretful of the years before when I could have made the effort to stop but never did.


  • I feel the same as Cyprien - I wish I had stopped sooner. I was always procrastinating - there was always a reason not to stop. I will never smoke again - I just hope it's not too late.


  • Well done you, NOW is definitely the time to stop.


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