No Smoking Day
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Good Morning Day 6!

2 more 12 hour shifts and that'll be a week under my belt! I'm definitely starting to feel a little like the old me, there are fleeting moments when I will sudddenly realise that I haven't thought about smoking, or not smoking, and it gives me a little sense of what life without cigarettes will be like if I stick at quitting.

On the other side though I can't sleep! My breathing isn't feeling any better, but I don't feel stressed about it, I know that in time I will reap the rewards!

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Hi Sharkey :D

Almost a week smoke free that's great keep going

Sorry about the sleep problem but it's normal early in a quit and will pass OK

Glad you're not stressed about it though and yes you'll certainly get the benefits for stopping and you'll start to feel them very soon now


Marg xx


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