No Smoking Day
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2 more days then on to Week 3!

Well this week so far hasn't been to bad. I am getting the occasional wanting a cigarette moments, but they pass and I move on. I really don't like it though when I get those thoughts. I can't wait until they go away and leave me alone!

I contacted my husbands insurance yesterday and they will be helping me with my quit. They have a program where you get a counselor and they also provide you with NRT's free of charge. So I enrolled in that and my first phone council was last night. I actually had to lie about it that way I could get my lozengers for free instead of paying for them myself. I told them that I was still smoking and was wanting to quit. So she set a "quit" date for me and that is in December some time. What she doesn't know is that I already have almost a 3 week jump. I really don't like to lie and I am normally not good at it..but I wasn't going to take a chance with this. So I will be getting even more support for my quit which is a good thing.

Anyone out there that would like to give me tips on using the lozengers when you start to "ween" off of them? I would like to know your story of how your quit went.

At work today we had a gentleman come in and just smelled of smoke something terrible. After he left I said something about him sounding like a actor I have seen in movies...he replied "well he may sound like him but he sure in the heck doesn't smell like him! My God who can't smell themselves when they smell like that!" That is first time I have come to realization that I have probably been talked about like that many times and didn't even know it! So I am sure I have walked out of his office in the past and got the same words that the gentleman did today. It did smell bad but I won't ever talk about somebody like that because I have been there before and until you have been there in their can have opinions but don't ever judge.

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Hi. I used the NRT gum, but only for a couple of days. I actually found it much easier to deal with the quit when I dumped it! I don't know if that's any help but it has been my experience. I found just stopping nicotine completely was easier than using the NRT. May be worth considering?

Whatever you decide, lots of folk do just stop without the NRT or anything else- and you've already broken the smoking addiction so you're most of the way there already! Best of luck X


Hi Wsmith :D

Well done you almost three weeks is great keep it going I'm pleased to hear that you only occasionally get the crave but they will get less as you go a bit further along the road to freedom

I didn't use lozenges so sorry I can't help with that but lots of people on here have/did/do and will be along to help you with this OK


Marg xx


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