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2 weeks or 3 weeks?

Well here I am again....having quit exactly 2 weeks today ( do I post in the 2 weeks or 3 forum). Am feeling really good about myself...even though it hasnt been at all easy. Was wondering about you all....a question from me to you.....which cigarette do you miss the most? For me I was certain it would have been the one first thing in the morning....but have to admit that I really miss the one I used to have when I got home from work (Iwork at a smoking policy there).

So go on then....lets have it.

And......thanks again so much to this forum for all the help, encouragement and general niceness that you have shown to me......Oh how I hate the word NICE!!!! doesnt really sum up how I really feel.:D

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Hi Pippa,

which ciggie do i miss the most......hmmm, its a hard one because right now i would have to say i dont MISS any of them!

However, after eating dinner i occasionally feel like i am at a lose end for 5-10mins, and i guess its down to the ciggie i used to have at that time of day.

Oh, and what i did was swap to thread 'week 3' when i was 14 days into my quit, but as i was told by someone else- you arent going to get kicked out of a forum if you are a couple of days out.

Well done for your quit so far, and stay vigilant!


Hey Pippa,

Welcome!!!!! I see it that you've finshed week 2 and are now enterin week 3..

I'm with you it's def the first in the morning!!! I used to have a smoke while the water was boiling. I couldn't wait for my tea!!!


hi pippa, easy answer today (oh what a grim day!) i miss the cig that you have just after everything goes wrong - the one that puts right all the worlds problems in the blink of an eye.... albeit giving me 1000 nasty ailments at the same time, sigh... (repeats quietly to self 'i will not smoke today....


So I tell my "friend" that I quit smoking yesterday. They reply wow how long has it been? Smiling from ear to ear I reply 17 days!!!!!!! (here's the kicker) they respond "oh you only made it to 3 weeks last time"


Welcome to week 3! Well done u!

I'm buggered cos there is no week 4 forum... got to survive another week before entering the month club :(

The toughest ones for me were after dinner & glass of red wine. So much so that had to give up the wine for now. I am really hoping that red wine is not banned from me for the rest of my life :eek:


Well done Pippa and all the rest of you that are still going strong :)

I have to say I agree with 5mol<er here and say that the 'stress' cigarette that makes everything feel right is one of my favourites but I also miss the ones after meals (specially when sitting around the dinner table with half of my extended family smoking).

I want to get to Claire's stage and not miss it at all (or as close as!)... gotta do some more educating I think!


week 3 or month one...

well it will be 3 weeks this evening :) now i'm not sure whether to post in week 3 or month 1, i'm kinda siding on the move to month one, but now that i realise i'm a herd animal i can't seem to make the move without giving the rest of the flock a heads up, so baaaaaah! (hopefully other herd animals will understand this post!!!) :D

of course i could make things simpler by just smoking :eek: today! then i could go comfortably back to day one where i understand the rules... today is a monday, don't like em, and i am being peer reviewed :/ of course i won't smoke, i'll take the other path. if only because i enjoy the company on this forum i will take all the flack life can throw at me today with a smile (albeit rather grim) on my face :)


Who does like Mondays!!! Ya the herd of animals thing, well, were all in the same field chewing away! as long as u dont start chewing the wrong bit of grass ha hope you have a good day? and well done for getting as far as you have (3 weeks or 1 month :confused:) ha :D


well it will be 3 weeks this evening :) now i'm not sure whether to post in week 3 or month 1

I was wondering this very same thing when moving to wk4... it does say "The first month", so with my logic anyone from day 1 until 1st month is included.

Should we move to the "The second month" after one months has passed....

But then again it doesn't feel quite right.

...izzz komplimakated... perhaps I should get some dark haircolour and fake me some brain :rolleyes:


Hahaha Savuton u funny! Tomorrow is week 4 for m too, i quitted 1st sept, but i had not thought about that complication hahaa

About the question of the fav ciggy i would say the one with a pint of beer outsude the pub. However i hardly know why, i didnt pay much attention to them, i could smoke one afte the othe but not actually taste them. Right niw dont miss any, it's great


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