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100 days of not smoking

I have chosen this occasion to start my first thread on this forum. So I am going to go out in the woods, hop up on a tall stump and sound off. I have not smoked for 100 days!!!!!

I was 64 days into my quit when I found this forum. I read a post by someone who wanted a different angle on things and I thought that maybe I could help. I printed their response and keep it and read it from time to time.

After I quit smoking I started surfing the web for stories of people who had quit smoking trying to find inspiration to stay a non smoker. The amount of change in stopping a 33 year relationship is quite large. For example I have had a disposable Bic lighter in my front left pocket for over 3 decades. The other day I had a hard time just lighting the grill for dinner.

I find a lot of inspitation from reading of others like me trying to keep the demon off their back. It helps a great deal. I don't know why it happened, but from this forum I was able to find the strength to fend off the 3 month attack. It was quite real. To have gone through the portals of hell to quit cold turkey and be smacked that hard out of the blue was rough. It was because of this forum I stayed the course. Thanks one and all. I honestly do not think I will smoke again because I had my "just one" and have realized that it is just not possible to have "just one." I have the tools to know a craving and how to deal with it. This forum is to be commended for educating me to the point I am at now.

The British seem to be light years ahead of the USA in quitting smoking. I gather there are clinics in towns or neighborhoods just for this purpose. That is so wonderful. I cannot understand why the insurance companies are not throwing money at this approach on our side of the pond.

I want to tip my hat to whomever came up with this forum. I am sure that in the beginning stages of making this happen the sentence "If I can help just one person to quit it will be worth it" was spoken. Well, you suceeded beyound your wildest dreams.

When I was young and single I spent a whirl wind 6 days in London. I loved every moment and want to return again some day. I have a request to ask of somebody out there. Please go to the corner pub have some steak and kidney pie and a pint for me. I have earned a nice reward. I just cannot have the one I want. It has been almost 30 years and I fondly remember. They have establishments here that call themselves pubs but it is not the same. Will someone do that for me?

Thanks No Smoking Day Forum. Thanks to all you posters. Thanks for being there and doing what you do. I will continue to add a pat on the back from me to the people who are quitting.

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Well done, Stumpsounder.... Congratulations on your 100 days. Lovely post, too...... I share your sentiments..... no way would I have managed without this forum. I live in Seattle and for sure there are no smoking clinics here..... no support networks at all really..... gotta be an alcoholic for that :rolleyes: Anyway, sorry not trying to get into a rant.... ;) Keep up the good work!


Hi you :)

It must have been a long time, but did you ever visit the UK?

I really enjoyed reading your post and if I did eat steak and 'kidney' (tires not to though up at thought of offal), I'd have, and relish in sharing, a home made steak and guiness pie.

Your right, you do deserve a reward and if my steak and guinness pie meets your bar of 100 days, then tuck in with relish.

100 days is a pretty special target to have achieved - cheers to many more :)

Pol x


Hi Stumpsounder :D

WOW 100 days smoke free that's a fantastic milestone congratulations

GO GO GO Onwards and upwards all the way now to the Penthouse


Marg xx


Hi Stump - a BIG CONGRATS on your 100 days. I'm a bit behind you but keeping strong and will reach that great milestone myself.

I really enjoyed your post - I also came late to this forum and it has been invaluable to me.

I also didn't realise how many Americans were on here. Like you loving the UK - I love the USA. Was there in Oct - and am back there next April. Can't wait. And it is surprising to hear about the lack of support you have over there compared to here bearing in mind that most places I’ve been the attitude to smoking is very negative indeed (except perhaps Vegas and New Orleans)

And funny you should say - I went to a fantastic pub on Sunday for my lunch - and actually had steak and kidney pudding (made with suet and about a million more calories than a pie!!) and a few pints.

So I dedicate that to your 100 days!


ohh lovely! 100 days of freedom to celebrate :).. a great milestone to reach, so congratulations on this first major celebration you've posted here. A big achievement and definitely worth posting about for sure.

I have to agree with Pol here, i would avoid steak and kidney pies if i'm honest and go for a decent steak and guinness or Steak and Ale pie. If you ever do pop over here.. make sure you get this :)

Glad you've found this forum a help... and indeed will continue to help for the months ahead.. here's to you, and good health!!



I can hear you calling from your stump in the wood and I say "Massive Well Done on your 100 days". I am so glad you enjoy our forum, we are a family and you are "very welcome", see, one of your phrases and we use it too now, it's a nice one.



Well done on 100 days :D Great post.

I am suprised the USA don't have the same support as the UK as they are sooo anti smoking.

There is nothing here in Spain either. I think most think I am mad for giving up!! They just ask me why??

I usually find my local farmasist outside having a fag!

They tried a no smoking ban here a couple of years ago in bars and it was totally ignored :eek:

I stand outside the school gates and more moms smoke that don't.

I went to the solicitors the other day and he chain smoked the whole time I was there.... You get the idea :mad:

I wish too I was in the UK for the extra help so I am glad I have found this forum.

Well done to everyone on here :)

OOOh and pies.... Steak and guinnes.... Yummmy!!


Thanks one and all

Are you familiar with the saying; Some days you get the bear, and some days the bear gets you. Well that ole bear caught me today. I realize that excuses don't cut it but I just could not get to a computer today.

Thank you for the kind words. I have officially arrived I have a reply from margareth now.

I have spent my adult life defending steak and kidney pie only to find out 30 years later that it has fallen out of favor. Oh well.

I live in North Carolina. If you don't know North Carolina is where the home office for ALL the tobacco companies. A vast majority of my "mates" worked in tobacco fields during the summer. Heck our school schedule used to be the way it was so the last of the harvest would be in the barn before school started in the fall.

OK. North Carolina is starting a ban on Jan 1. The times they are a changing. There is a rumor that my place of employment will become a tobacco free campus in 2010. That is unbelievable. A large industrial complex in the middle of tobacco road will be tobacco free. What in the world are my co-workers to do.

It appears that big tobacco is moving into Spain. I could provide a video of a 2 year old smoking in one of the Asian countries if you like. Well gotta go.


Hi Stumpsounder :D

Oooppssssssss sorry didn't realise I hadn't replied to you before now I do apologise for that :D:D

I've heard that saying about the bear before years ago when I used to babysit for some Americans in Norfolk

Also steak and kidney pie is still in favour here at least with me and my OH

One of your sayings is used a lot over here "you're very welcome" and another one used here is "have a good day" also one of yours I think

Love and a I'm Sorry Hug

Marg xx


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