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No Smoking Day
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Movin on to Week 2!!

Well this will be my last post for 4-7 days, the first week!! Yay me! My first weekend has not been bad at all. There was a point yesterday after I had a snack that I got up and had the after a meal cigarette thought while I take the dogs out. It kinda stopped me in my tracks and I asked myself where that came from. The thought came just like a thought would come when you pass the dryer and washer and see that clothes need to be washed. One of those routine thoughts that stopped me in my tracks and had to shake my head at myself. Today is going really well...I didn't have my first lozenger until late morning. My mouth is not sore anymore either so that is good. My husband is on day 4 of no smoking and I can't tell you how much that helps not to have cigarettes near. His parents went out to breakfast with us this morning and they both got out of the car smoking and it stunk! And I honestly never thought I would be the person to say it stinks! In the first few days of the quit it took everything in my power not to follow the smell of smoke..it smelled that good to me. But not now and I think that is such a bonus! So for all of you that are just starting this road to a better and healtheir life...it does get easier with each passing day. I will be watching all of you and rooting you on just as I am being rooted on! Thanks everyone! Goodbye week 1!!!!!!!!!!

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Great to get through the first week, before you know it you will be into double figures and upwards. :cool:



Well done on getting passed those first days - here's wishing you continued success as you travel this journey :) Congratulations to you and your husband.



Ok..thought the rest of this day was going to be easy sailing and it was until tonight when the kids were tired, the house needed picking up and the only thing my 4 year old daughter could do was scream and cry because nothing was going her way! OMG!!:eek: If I hadn't just got out of the shower I probably would have broke down and went to the gas station already to purchase cigarettes! So instead I am sitting here in my quite room, sucking on a lozenger like a baby would sucking on a bottle starving to death. The only thing I can say is....thank god for taking a shower when I did! How in the world am I going to learn how to deal with frustrations like this when they arise??? I guess go into my room and throw a fit like my 4 year old does until I have exzerted all energy??? This may just be the hardest problem I will have to deal with is what to do when the bubble is about to burst. Since I was 15 years old I have went outside and smoked my cigarette very slowly until I calmed down....now what?


Hey Wsmith,

yeah I know exactly what you're talking about............. had plenty of moments like that myself........... you think you will never be able to cope again. That moment of peace and quiet outside having a fag.............. I remember it so well but you know the reason that fag felt so good was because I was in withdrawal..... sure there was stress, kid screaming, whatever..... but it was the addiction that made me go outside in the cold to have that drag........... and because I temporarily felt better I made that association...... have a fag, feel better. It's the addiction...... that's all.

You stay on the path you're on, Wsmith....... things will get easier. You need to give it time to break those faulty associations........... if it didn't get easier, not many of us would stick with it........... continue on and have faith...... gets easier and it is way worth it!


Hi Wsmith :D

Well done getting to your 2nd week as a non smoker that's great keep it going

Well done also to your OH on 4 days smoke free you're both doing really well

Sorry you had that moment last night when the little one threw a tantrum but you beat the need to smoke and that's good the more of these moments you beat the easier it gets to do

When this happens you can still go outside to calm down but just take a few really deep breaths instead of smoking it works and now you can take those breaths which you couldn't before or at least not such deep ones

Remember always that having a fag won't make anything better in fact it will make it worse as you'll be so upset and angry with yourself




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