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Good Morning Day 8


Hey all,

Pretty new to here, although posted a couple of times in days 4-7 forum.

So it's the morning of day 8... am thinking of going shopping and rewarding myself for getting through this first week.

Even though I almost wobbled this morning lol woke up and thought ahhhh saturday morning, raining outside, time for a tea and a ciggie!! Then I was like :eek: noooooo where did that come from. So slapped todays patch on and just had the tea.

Really want to go out tonight but just dont trust myself in a pub yet :/

Hope everyone has a great smokefree weekend... maybe we could all get a pizza in tonight and watch a movie :D

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Hi Mixxy :D

Great a full week done and dusted and into the 2nd keep it gping you're doing





Thanks Marg,

Feeling a little edgy, went shopping and someone pushed in front of me in the queue... not a wise thing to do but i kept my patience lol felt like throttling her though hahahaha

Hi Mixxy

Good on you for stepping up and into week of not smoking.

Mood swings for me in the 2nd week were pretty awful. I really had to bite my tongue on many occasions. I felt at times, I could happily have murdered the whole world. Luckily I had 3 friends on the end of their mobiles. 1re either going through the same thing, 1 at 2 years on no smoking and the other almost 4 years. All very supportive and full of empathy.

The old unwanted habit is now what you learn to recognise and change.

Despite what this week may or may not through at you, stand strong, be positive and know it gets easier.

All the best


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