No Smoking Day
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Wow nice bar!!

Right girls and boys move out the way and let me get to the bar, it's been a long day as I've had to clean up after the 1st lot of octo quitters left without doing the washing up or re-stocking the bar in month 1 (you know who you are:rolleyes:).

Now I know I'm moving in 12 hours early but in fairness I can not possibly cheat as I have none in the house, I live in the wilderness and I don't actually want one!! Anyway JJ has got our room ready and I'm getting a bottom bunk before Frency and Elaine get in (4 to a room in cramped).

I doubt I will have chance to tell you all tomorrow but I love your humour, I love your support and I deeply enjoy your company (group hug).

Our 1st 3 month party is in January and WE WILL ALL BE THERE!:D

My name is Christine and I've been smoke free from 1 month, get me!!

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Large cheers......:D

BIG HUG and congratulation to you. Its good to have you here.

We will all do 3 months in January and then the big 100 days kicks in....we have more celebration to attend than I have shoes....can I go shopping????

Have a great weekend Christine and will see you on Monday....xx


Well done Christine, fab news, get the bar sorted, looks as if it might need a good clean to me, You are doing so well. At 10.30pm I move into week 3 and never thought I would get this far, done my furst long journey today with no fags !!!!

Well done you xxx


Oh thank Cod I'm not on Champix and can blame the wine (or 3) for feeling so emotional. I'm not even due in Month 2 room until midnight Saturday. I'm suddenly getting all teary and I'm known as Mr Poe Face to people who don't really really know me. Though I could do a Christine and cheat and come in from 21 mins past 3 pm when I stubbed my last rollie out.

Dee, well done and massive pats on the back for that long journey without a smoke. Good on you. How are you logged in?

Your in lovely company in Week 3, rest assured.

Christine, I too love the humour, the companionship and the warmth of this group............ it's been wonderful finding this site and even more wonderful sharing this journey with you lot.

OK...... to much emotion for me.... gonna stand in the rain to hide the happy tears :cool:


Big HOORAH! Well done Christine, your humour and constant support has been great. Not to mention it's great to have foundsomeone who wants to get to the bar as often as I do.

So I raise a large glass of rose wine to you my dear and say CHEERS.

Now, where's Elaine. Possibly getting a good nights sleep before her big day tomorrow.

Cheers to all

Hope you have a fab time in Liverpool.



lol Elaines here and fresh as a daisy ... took the day off to celebrate lol


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