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Wow! 3 Months!


I'm delighted and very proud, 3 Calendar months today, a whole 1/4 of a year.

Pretty pleased with that first thing on a Friday Morning!!!

Some of the journey so far has been excellent, some middling and some a bit of a pain in the backside.

I'm feeling fitter, smelling sweeter and generally looking better than i ever did with that gorgeous smokers Grey pallour. Mmmmm! Loooovely!

Feeling a little grotty today, but thats to do with the fact that its blinking freeeeeezing! Cor blimey, someone turn the heating up!

Superglad to be pulling up a chair in Room 4/5, Very much looking forward to my whole half a year. (i know im a bit in advance there but no point in not aiming high eh?)

Big supportive hugs love and happiness to all of you. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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3 months, cracking stuff, well done Zozie :D



well done - hope your chair is comfy there, i hear they have room service in 6months room, im aiming for that too!


Well done Zozie, you're doing amazing!

It'll be after Xmas before I get there



Congratulations Zozie, feels great doesn't it. I remember getting to 3 months and looking at the 6 month room with envy and now in 10 days I'll have moved in.


Fab stuff Zozie, gives us newbies inspiration :-)



Just read your messages!

Your all flippin ace you know!

I'll get a nice selection of drinks for the cabinet here in month 4/5 for when you all get here, if you provide me with drinks preferences and i'll ensure that your trip with not go untoasted!!!

There will also be nibble, plumped cushions and all the very best in mod cons!

Hurry and Join me!!!

Just time for a quick beer or two with Una before you go and join the Month 6 group! Congratulations... better make the most of it then!

Let raise a glass to Friday!




Hi Zozie, now there's an invitation I couldn't possibly refuse! (Any chance of a buffet too?)

I'll be there 28th December and mines a boddingtons. That's only til new year though. Me n Kazzitee are dieting from January so no beer for me. I'll be like loopy Lucy then!

I look forward to seeing you there

Molly xx


Cheers Zozie, make mine champagne:D:D:D


Zozie huge congrates :D

Can u put mine on ice as be joining u Jan 17th ,hopefully u can keep it that long:rolleyes:

I'm looking 4ward to getting into month 3 with all the Grange hill mob and the Stoptober 2012 clan as I hear it's gona be a log cabin and a huge open fire ideal for the Xmas season :D

(((( Big Hugs )))) your a great inspiration


Well done Zozie

You sound brilliant! :D

How good a Friday was that?

Double whammy of weekend goodness! :)

Keep it up and keep those seats empty for us :)

Take care



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