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Does Gum prolong the quit?

I read that nicotine leaves the body in 72 hours. How about those nicotine gums, are they making the quit process/pangs prolonged if you eat one or two a day?

I just read Joel's stuff now realise have to stop biting at the nicotine gum. At least got the hand to mouth habit sorted. Damn, I was at day three too when I bought the nicorette. A few more hours would have been fine ...

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If you stop all kinds of nicotine then all nicotine is out of your body after 3 days, but obviously if you are taking NRT then the nicotine is still in your body. However what is important here is the quit, many people succesfully quit by using patches or gum or other types of NRT.

I choose cold turkey because I felt that was right for me, every quit is different and therefore you have to choose the right method for yourself.

Hope that helps in some way.

Good luck, stay strong, and keep posting.


Indeed - looking at it logically then, yes, NRT does prolong the healing process by putting nicotine in your body. If you can last out the 72 hours to get nicotine free and then the next few days to get past the physical cravings without then it does probably make it easier....

But it doesn't prolong the quit - the aim is to quit forever (you can't get longer than permanent) and anything that helps you achieve that is fine by me :)

I don't rate NRT personally, but I did use an aid - Champix.

In the grand scheme of things, if you quit for good - a few weeks on NRT is neither here nor there. As long as it works for you, and helps to keep you off the smokes - great.

However, NRT won't help you quit forever if you don't get the mindset right. Reading Joel's stuff on WhyQuit is a great start, but also have a look around Woofmang and some of the other great sites.

Knowledge is power ;)


Hi Andy :D

You're doing just fine keep it going

It doesn't matter what we use to help us quit and stay quit I used champix but whatever it is, is unimportant be it Gum, Patches,Lozenges whatever what is important is that you quit and stay quit

The only thing that can prolong that quit is you and the only way to do that is not to smoke "Simples"

Using NRT may prolong the amount of time you have a little nicotine in your system but does that really matter if it makes life a little easier for a few weeks

I don't think so, what I do know is that CT is very hard to do I tried it more than once and for me it was a no no I just couldn't do it no matter how hard I tried

The champix made my life much easier just as the gum is making it easier for you just keep going and use the gum as and when you need to you'll know when it's time for you to stop the gum and fly solo along this road

Don't feel guilty or inadequate for using something to help this very difficult Process each to his own and remember as we're all different so are our quits and also the way we quit THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY TO DO THIS only WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU




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