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Day 12

Morning everyone


Day 12 and I can't quite believe it. Yes I do still have cravings but you are all right, they do seem to get less and I don't seem to think about it as much. Still a long way to go yet though so I'm not going to be too complacent.

I would never have got this far if it wasn't for THIS FORUM, the OCTOQUITS and my quit buddy SOOSY. Thank you all for your support and advice .

It's strange it's as though I don't want to let any of you down!!

Dave - I read your most about the carbon test thing - WELL DONE TO YOU! I had to be breathalysed (as I call it) last Wednesday. (I have to go every 2 weeks to be breathalysed and for a prescription for the next 2 weeks champix). My readings had gone down to 3 - I too was chuffed with this. Apparantly it should be 1 or 2 but it can read higher if you have just come in from outside.

Hope you are having a good smoke free monday.

Tinks xx

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Hi Tinks

Day 12 is great, well done you :D

I felt I'd turned a corner around day 12 as feelings/moods etc seemed to ease up.

Sounds like your reaching that point too?

Enjoy your last couple of days in week 2 - soon you and Soosy will be up in Week 3

This forum really helps doesn't it...... knowing others are in the same boat (all be it at varying stages) either ahead of us and still staying strong in their quit or coming along looking for support to.

Here's to a Smoke Free Monday


Well done. You'll soon be counting in weeks. It's great all doing this together. Don't think I could have kept it up without the support here.



Hi Tinkerbell :D

Day 12 that's great well done and so pleased to hear it's getting a bit easier for you now


Marg xx


Hi everyone - and especially my quit buddy Tinks! Having a really difficult day today - don't know why but work was especially trying.

Wanted a fag really badly on the way home - an hours drive and everything seemed to go against me - every blooming traffic light was red! Wanted to stop at the first petrol station for some fags - but didn't.

Also didn't shout or loose my temper with anyone especially my darling husband who is very proud of me.

Help please



Well done Tinks and 12 already

Onc I got past the 2 weeks mark I started to loose track of the days and looked at the was a real milestone.

Week 2 was difficult for me...I had a couple of really bad days but they do pass and it really does get better....:D



I am on day 12 too. And I am finding it hard at the moment. Yesterday and today have been my worst days :confused:

Just trying to get to the 2 week mark :)

Well done to you both


hey, on day 12 now, felt great this morning but work is stressing me out! One minute I feel like maybe I actually can't do this, it's too hard, it would be so much easier if I just had a smoke and the next I'm trying to convince myself that I'm strong enough to kick this awful habit! The thoughts of this wkend really scare me also, going out drinking and not smoking?!? I hope I can do it, I know I can but its during those moments of weakness that I'm scared I'll just give!


It's more important that you kick this smoking addiction/disease than your job.

You can always get another job - you can't get another body.


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