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Off to the Stop Smoking clinic at 4.30 - 2 weeks ago the breath test thingy was 14. Any estimates on what'll it be today after 10 days without a puff (but lots of water and sugar-free non-nicotene gum). Sadly, as I'm a not-for-profit entity (after the taxman and household bills have go to the payslip), the winner will just get a "well done" and should immediately buy a Lottery ticket.

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  • How exciting! Never had this so I presume you want it lower??

    I'm jealous as I've never been to a smoking clinic just my Doctors to get the Champix and he never bothered giving me any information.

    However I received a letter from the stop smoking service (I applied 4 weeks ago!) to come to an appointment next Tuesday (8 miles away) to discuss stopping smoking (me thinks that is now a bit late). Will they give me a breath do-da do you think??(sorry for digessing)

  • My guess is 6

  • Dave

    My guess is 10, but anything lower would be great.

    Good luck hope all goes well


  • My doc just sent me to the nurse for NRT - wouldn't take that and wasn't offered the breath thingy!

  • My guess - you'll be under 3. Then how proud will you be?


  • I'll say 8

    I see a smokey nurse at the docs surgery but by time I got my first appointment with her I'd already stopped by almost a week and she didn't offer one of those carbon tester things and I didn't think to ask. Wish I had as it would be good to see it improve over the fortnightly visits I have with her.

    To be honest, I've found this forum much more beneficial - she has been good for prescriptions though - cheaper than buy your own patches etc.

    Trouble is, she's attached to my own doctors clinic and therefore has access to my notes and can see (women you know what I'll mean hear, men don't read this bit, TMI for you all) when the last time I attended a s***r test. What a cow hey! Now she's got me coming in in two weeks for not only to see how I'm going with my quit but also one of those!

  • hi dave

    i was at the nhs meeting wed night my test was 6 after a week of not smoking it was 18 last wed

    so my guess ill say 3

    well done and goos luck


  • .. and????? Come on Dave!:)

  • We're all waiting with bated breath Dave...................................................

  • Two 2 TWO 22222222222

    Seems a non smoker in this area scores a one shows how fast our bodies can recover.......

  • Two 2 TWO 22222222222

    Seems a non smoker in this area scores a one shows how fast our bodies can recover.......

    GET IN THERE!! How fanastic is that, did you get a lollipop for being so good??:D

  • Awesome! Way to go! That sounds like a good low number. I have never had that done, kinda wished I would have.

    Again, Congrats and keep up the good work!



  • My local NHS is very supportive. I have 13 more days of Champix but they gave me another perscription to make sure I don't run out. I did tell the Nurse about this site and how helpful it's been.

    Anyway fellow Octoquits, look how fast changes are happening to us - some good news to start the weekend.

  • et alors???

  • Oops

    Should have looked at the second page

  • Dave

    we need to know what your score was, we are all waiting. !!!

  • Dee .... look at my earlier post - it's a TWO - I feel like a proud dad:D

  • wow bet you feel great :)

  • Dave thats brilliant, I had mine done in the spring with asthma check and it was awful, might go again and have it checked.

    Well done you, so proud of you

  • Hey Guys, I think the last time I felt this good was the night my daughter was born. I've had a couple of moments tonite, but I keep thinking about the 2 - my body has changed in such a short time! If I've scored a 2 on the Carbon Monoxide machine, we're all in the same range - our lungs are working again!!!!

  • Fantastic Dave - I hope mine are working too!

  • Hi Daver, well done. I've never had one of those carbon thingies done. But I guess if you're recovering so quickly, then we must all be in the same boat. Yippee for us.


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