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Atomicguy place take your place.


I have been hanging around here like a bad smell all night because I will not be here tomorrow and I need to tell you all the AG is in the house!!

From me a huge well done.

First round is on me.

You have been a huge support to me and many more on here, without you and that grumpy guy from over the pond I can safely say I would not be here, so a genuine big thank you from me, and all the others you have helped along the way.

Enjoy your big day, I hope you have fantastic treats planned, and don't get too comfy cause on Thursday all hell will be breaking loose in the house.

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Bev!!! - Thank you so much for your message and your kind words. Believe me I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you and many others on here. I must say it was really great having someone at the same time in the quit - so a big thank you to you.

Yes - 1 year a non smoker and moving on up into the Penthouse. I can't believe it - I'm like a stuck record saying that - I think I started saying it at the end of day 1 and have been saying it ever since! HA!

My treats - a week off work to finish off the decorating in my new looking fresh smelling non-nicotined flat!

According to my Quit Counter I have not smoked 10,216 cigs - UNBELIEVABLE! When I think of those smouldering away.......URGH!

This last year has been so hard - that may sound melodramatic - but those first 3-4 months were terrible and its those months that are currently the most memorable in my quit because there is NO WAY I want to go back and do those again - and I won't. But now sitting here the year has also been so rewarding. I feel great and my new addiction is going to the gym!

I'm reading some things about peole getting blips - just stay strong people because it is so worth it!

Good luck to us all!


CONGRATULATIONS AG one year is a cracking mile stone and you have passed the finnishing line with spendid ease or thats how you have made it look, have a cracking day and yes your flat must look and smell great.

Congratulations AG, one whole year quit :cool:

No matter how many folk pass that one year mark, it still makes me smile and realise what a big BIG thing quitting is.

Be proud, you've worked dam hard to get this far.

I re-call your posts when I joined and remember the tough times you were having and then reading how bit by bit you got through those times and slowly but surely things seemed to fall in to place and got so much more manageable for you.

Your not so far ahead of me and I was encouraged by many of your posts, thank you for sharing your journey here.

Enjoy your day *cheers*

Pol x

Well congratulations year wow.

Always that month ahead and always supportive to me when I was close to caving in....for that mnay mnay thanks.

Enjoy the Penthouse....:)


Lovely! Great to see another in the penthouse! A wellwon quit! Well done! Fi

Hi Atomicguy

Huge well done to you getting to the penthouse


Marg xx

Good for you AG, nice to see someone really enjoying not smoking and well done on your first year. David

Don't know what happened but already posted this once lol

I was asked by Jase to post this for you hun and it is my pleasure to do so

Hi AtomicGuy,

Really was pleased to see you getting to the magical 1 year mark despite all you've endured, and won through this past 12 months. I may not be around any more on the forum, but I have been watching out for your 1 year post as i had no doubt you'd go the distance. From the time i helped you when you struggled early on in your quit to now, you had all the signs of a winner, and am really glad you've made it to the penthouse!

Congrats !!!

Jase. (still going strong @ nearly 14 months)

Wow, big Congratulations to you, I hope you enjoyed your very special day.


Guys - thank you so much for your messages. How brilliant are you all!!!!!!!!

Marg - thank you so much for posting Jase's message. Please pass on my gratitude - he has helped me enormously over the year. He is sorely missed but I'm glad he is staying strong at 14 months. I never doubted he'd do otherwise.


Big big congratz!!!!!!!!! Making it a year without a smoke is most prob one of the hardest things I have ever done and when someone else makes it there as well it get LOADS of respect from. Tough road right? Well guess what man you did and that means you can do anything in this world that you want. A lot of people say that to motivate and sometimes they are just words but in your case they are true!!!!! If you can quit smoking for one year you CAN do anything!!!!!!:D

Good to sdee you in here AG

Good to see you still going AG.

Liking the strapline still, often point it out to new quitters, constant realignment.

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Welcome to the penthouse.

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