Hi Octoquits

To all my friends in Octoquits, how are you all doing ????? Some of you have gone very quiet and I am worried about you.

Personally its been a journey from hell these last 7 days, I am trying to convince myself tonight its character building (my grandad always said that about the war). Been through every emotion possible, and still feel all over the place, have cried myself to sleep the last few nights through sheer frustration and being awake half the night !!! But its Day 8 tomorrow and I go into hospital for the morning for a load of tests and I will be able to answer NO to all the smoking questions so feel really good about myself.

Do hope you are all OK as well, please let me know, I am worried about you all.

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  • Hi Dee

    I believe the Octoquits are doing really well, posting all over the place but a lot in the 3 week and 1 month section :) Also, there are a lot of messages in the Social Group area, have a check in there.

    Stay strong, those emotional ups and downs should start to ease up soon for you with luck. I found the latter half of the second week and all of the 3rd so much better.

    My sleep improved greatly once I stopped the 24hr patches and went to the 16hr ones. I've stopped those too. I couldn't stand the smell of nicotine coming from my pores.

    Al the best with the check up / tests tomorrow - it really will be something won't it to sit there and answer as a non smoker :D

    Knowing that i wouldn't want to ever repeat those first 10 days or so really helped me keep going - no way do I want to do that again.

    Keep your head up and know that you can do this - your stronger than the 'ol nico habit demon.

    Hope you sleep well and wake up refreshed and proud to tackle the next day smoke free

    I'm thinking that by your screen name you were (note the 'were' :D) a smoker of roll ups?

  • Pol

    Thanks for such a lovely reply and such good advice, not sure if I would have got this far without this forum.

    Well done you are doing so well.

    Yes i did do rollies but no more.

  • Hi Dee :D

    You're doing just fine the first week can be tough for a lot of us it really is a test of endurance but you did it well done you Big Hug

    It's normal for your emotions to be all over the place this early on a quit sad.angry, happy you name it we all get them but as your body adjusts and heals it will all pass Promise


    Marg xx

  • Marg

    Thanks for the supprt it makes a huge difference to wake up and see positive thoughts instead of sitting there wanting a fag. Not that I want one this morning, how great is that !!!!

    Have a good day


  • Hi Dee :D

    Waking up and not wanting a fag is not just great it's awesome that's how great it is

    Keep going it just keeps on getting better Promise


    Marg xx

  • Hi Dee I'm into week 2 now and doing really well!

  • Morning Dee, approaching week 4 for me, yeah. I actually never thought it would be this hard but I'm damn sure I'm not giving up now.

    Hope the tests go ok and everything turns out fine.:)

  • Morning Dee

    Welcome to week two things should be a lot easyer this week hun. Hope all the tests go well. Had a lump cut off my neck on my day 9 and it was good to say no I dont smoke.xxxxxx

  • Hi Dee

    Well doen for getting through Week One. You'r now officially a Week Two'er, as you've entered your second week. Hurray!

    I know you've been through a tough time but it's wonderful that you had the character to see it through. It does get better, as you said you woke up not wanting a cigarette today. This time next week you'll be thinking about cigarettes less and less and enjoying some of the health benefits.

    Good luck with the tests.

    All us Octoquits are in this together and I think we're all doing pretty well.



  • Hello everyone

    Week two whoohoo i find i have a lot more energy now and no more headaches and sniffy nose hope everyone has a great day:D

  • Hi All

    Your messages have made me cry, doing a lot of that at the moment,( talk about hormonal, thought menopause was horrid but this beats that !!!!)

    Tests went fine and staff nurse very impressed when I said No to the smoking question as its on my records, was really pleased for me and I felt great.

    Think you are all awesome for going through this, but we have a strong group here and know we can all get there.


  • Dee - you said it my friend, this is a strong group. Many times when I thought I needed a fag, I thought about the Octoquits...... how could I come here and say I let you guys down. 10 days going on 11, wouldn't be here without you.

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