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Has anyone saw my brain???

Honestly i had it a few weeks ago but now i cant find it.

I have become one seriously dizzy head since i quit, maybe i always was and just didnt realise in my nicotine fulled high lol

Honestly im looking for the groups and i cant find it and im going to cry :((:((

Btw just on another totally different topic when i quit smoking i found i couldnt stomach coffee, i was a bigggg coffee drinker when i smoked now it makes me feel green at the gills im a tea drinker now, camomile green and peppermint if ya dont mind, no bog standard tetley for me lol

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You lookin for the groups?

try that.

I drank coffee as much while quitting as i did when i smoked.. i have no idea if it helped or not, but i know i was quite tired alot so the coffee for me was a bit of a pick-me-up.

Well done on getting this far, but don't be worrying about being a bit scatterbrained or anything right now, you've got enough to deal with just managing to keep things in balance for the moment, you can always hit the crosswords and logic puzzles later ;)

Just keep on going, your doing awesome!


No seriously you had a brain, wow I'm impressed. I never did get mine back after I lost it 22 years ago!!

What do you mean by dizzy head? Headaches or cotton wool between ears? Either could be champix but you have stopped taking it. Try drinking more water and see if it helps.

I'm the opposite on the coffee front, only had 1 or 2 a day and now it's my new addiction. I find it gets rid of hunger pangs.

Did you manage to join our octoquitter my love?? What a party that will be.


Hey Jace Thanks hun, i found it eventually im usually pretty good with directions... lol

I dont know what it is with the coffee think its the cigarette association with it, tho im finding that i feel in my own head better for not drinking it, i drank so much of the stuff i was bouncing off the walls lol

You want to know better than that, i wouldnt care about being scatterbrained at any other time of my life but ive just started a new job, one i have never done before and its financial and im going to have a hell of a lota stuff to learn and all i have is cotton wool between my ears :confused: lol

Christine, what hunger pangs?? jaysus i could eat for ireland at the minute, im just using 'cravings' as an excuse to tuck in lol

Must start to drink more water ... mebbie im dehydrated and not thick in the head afterall lol

Yep the group will indeed be interesting :P


Well done on the new job, you will be fine my love.

Hunger is the worst part to all this, but I've pulled myself together and trying to get back into healthy eating and exercise (and 15 lollipops a day!!). I'm presuming you are 27(?) well if you are it's the best time to give up as you have not ruined your skin yet by the fags. Honestly they really do start to cause more wrinkles when you get into your late 30s early 40s (mind of information me)

PS - Hubby and I have been to Northern Ireland love Belfast, fantastic city beautiful country.


Im always hungry so ive noticed no difference although i would always have had a fag rather than food so probably developed bad eating patterns and times... ive been bad with choccy at min so im guna start being good lol

Aye its not a bad wee country bit sick at times but its getting better, you should come to Derry its nicer than Belfast but then i am biased lol

And yes im 27 and dont want to ruin my skin even more than i have with smoking lol


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