No Smoking Day
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Knock ..Knock..Can I come in?

Hello month 3-ers. Just starting month 3.

I swear I'm falling apart. Some of you may recall my broken shoulder - well I went to a party on Saturday - got a little bit tiddly (read a lot tiddly) - and since then I've sort of had flu like symptoms. And don't know whether its a prolonged hangover - flu itself - some sneaky smoking thing playing games in my head - or whatever.

One thing tho - I've not thought about smoking for about 4 days!!

So - lets see what Month 3 brings.

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Well done on the three months.

Seems like you arrived a bit the worse for wear!

never mind..Breath deep...that's one thing you CAN do now!!



Hi Atomiguy :D

3 months is great keep going

What ever's long hangover, cold a least it's stopped you thinking about fags and that has to be good


Marg xx


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