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...last day of week 1

well here we are on day 7 and I am starting to feel normal again.. the last 4 days (thu to sun) were a complete nightmare to be honest, no patience, no concentration, constantly thinking about ciggies and generally not being a nice person to be around.

but here we are on monday and my concentration is pretty much back to normal, i feel full of energy and hopefully (apart from the week 3 thing that hit me hard last time) i've seen the worst of it.

on top of everything else I decided to drop my champix dose right down to 1/4 dose (half blue pill in the morning, nothing in the evening). I really wasnt feeling myself on it, reminded me of years ago when I was on prozac for a while.

anyway, hope everyone else is doing well on this sunny monday morning (well its sunny here in span anyway!)

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Well done on getting through the tough days. I also cut the Champix down to half a blue tablet in the morning. I was sick of feeling sick. No changes in cravings and feel much better for losing that nauseous feeling.

Well done



Hi Mikeduk :D

Well done you on day 7 that's great and pleased you got through those few really bad days

Glad it's getting better for you but don't worry about the mood swings they're normal this early in a quit




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