No Smoking Day
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2nd day of week 4...done!

I am excited to start a new season as a non-smoker. I lit the fire tonight for the first time this fall. For some reason it made me want to have a smoke. Wierd!! Of course Im not going to, but I wasn't expecting that! Anyway, I realized I'm on my way through my first year of not smoking....season by season. Looking forward to Winter!!!!! I am presently in my 4th week. 48 more weeks to go.........

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Hi Elisabeth :D

Well done almost 1/2 way through your fourth week is great

I think the reason you wanted to smoke when you lit the fire was a trigger a time when you would have had one

I still get them from time to time if doing something for the first time since I quit but they're just fleeting thoughts gone almost before you know they're there


Marg xx


Hi elisabeth

Well done us, we are nearly at the 1 month mark.

Marg is right about triggers, I walked into the kitchen during the commercials on the TV, when I used to have a cig, and automatically put my hand on top of the fridge to pick up my cigs....took a second to work out what I was doing...there were no cigs there but it made me realise just how ingrained these little habits and triggers are.

We shall beat it though and laugh them off.

Happy Sunday....x


Thanks ladies

I appreciate your support.


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