6 Months today

Hi folks , it is 6 months ago today that I quit poisoning myself with fags :).

Everyday is another victory and I can't believe how much better I feel in myself. I might go to the gym yet again after work tonight or go for a 6 mile walk as I have more energy than I had as a smoker:eek:.

I don't get cravings anymore ....just the occasional thought of "do I fancy one ? " and the answer is always easy ....NO WAY :p!. Looking forward to the next 6 months and will be sooooooooooooooo pleased when I get into the penthouse and into my 2nd year.

The support in here has been a huge help to me . Thanx y'all :cool:


20 a day for 30 years

Quit 28th April 2009

3 months patches

3 months cold turkey

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  • Congratulations Bladeflyer on a big milestone reached (6 months)

    Sounds like you have this pretty much beat,well done.

  • Well Done,

    I am also on 6 Months today, half a frickin year, I can hardly believe it, in your face nicotine.

    Race you to the penthouse :D

  • Congratulations Endsnow on your big 6 month milestone :)

    The penthouse seems to be getting loads joining now or at least well on the way.

  • Big well done to both of you!! A brilliant milestone !!

  • Hi Bladeflyer and Ends Now,

    Big congratulations to both of you on the half year - a significant milestone for sure.:D

  • Excellent job, Trev! Congratulations on 6 months... good to see you! Keep it up :)

  • CONGRATULATIONS, both of you!!! 1/2 year is fantastic!!! Jody

  • Thanx Michael , Endsnow, Fionacox, Deke, Bellablue 13, Jodie 49.

    I appreciate all of you and your kind words of support and encouragment .

    I wish you all success in your quit too.:D

    Endsnow .....wont race you to the penthouse we can share a taxi paid for with all the money we saved from not smoking.

    Thanx again guys :)

    Regards Trev .

  • Hi Trev :D




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