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8 weeks and 1 day!

Due to planned maintenance of the site I'm 1 day late!

Hello all - well am back from my hols at Disney - and am now 8 weeks and 1 day a non smoker. Overall had a fantastic time - but did have a few dodgy moments. One night I found it very difficult to sleep and was having some sort of panic attack - but am unsure whether that was the non smoking - or that my shoulder is still not recovered (its broken for anybody new reading this). The latter is totally unreasonable of course - as I've only been out of a sling after surgery for just over 3 weeks! But you know how it is.

Disney was, of course, brilliant for non smoking. It was harder than usual for the regular smoker to light up - and a lot of the smoking areas are now very removed from public areas - in fact right out of sight. It was odd seeing all the smokers there knowing I used to be one. They all looked... well... a bit manky!

I did manage to kill off quite a few triggers I think - so am pleased with that. So if anyone wants or needs a total get away where its difficult to smoke - you knopw where to go.

Am now back in work and can definitely see a difference from 2 weeks ago on the concentration front. Everything is a lot more clearer and I can focus a lot more. So for anyone worrying about this - it will pass.

Am still having some "smokingsmokingsmokingsmoking" thoughts but not as often as I was - and I expext these to diminish as well.

Well - thats it for now. Speak soon.

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8 weeks wow!! Well done!

I loved Disney (Florida), however when I was there I liked the fact they did have smoking areas but they were out of the way so not to annoy non smokers.


Cheers Christine.


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