No Smoking Day
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Got to go and collect OH from work. May not be around for a few days as my BF (non smoker) arrives this evening for 4 days so am in for some girly days, chocolate, shopping, more wine :D

Thanks to everyone today, really got me through my first real hurdle. Strange there was a lot of wobbles today. Murph soon sorted us all out, if gentle encouragement doesn't work, threats of violence seems to do the trick. :cool:

GOOD LUCK for the rest of the week. PROMISE to be back in WEEK 3.

Love to all

Lorna xx

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Have a great time (can I come too!!). Make sure you are back for week 3 as I do not want to be sat in there like billy no mates!!:)


Promise :)


Have a great time and see you in week 3!


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