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Big Thanks!

Hi everyone,

I have been keeping up to date with you all for about 2 weeks now and it's becoming an addiction! Still better than the fags! I am on day 8 and feeling pretty good. I've tried to quit before but feel soooo positive this time and find my whole mental attitude is different this time - hope it lasts! Using patches which have started to give me the most bizarre dreams - squirrels were attacking me last night - think I might leave them off at night! Using relaxation tapes, local support group, in fact everything to keep this positive mental attitude.

Many thanks for my quitting oscar... I'd like to thank Boudee, Buffy, Viking, Linda, Volcano, Devon Dumpling, Alison.... and everyone elso on the site who has inspired me - I couldn't have done it without you!

lol (what does that mean - lots of love?)

Loopy XX

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Hi Loopy

You are doing really great 8 days. This site do get hold of you but I find it helps soooooooooo much keep up the good work Linda

PS lol is laughs out loud my son tells me


Welll done loopy

keep going and watch out for them squirrels, lol.

i am on day 4, and this forum site is helping me tonnes along with this new drug champix, from 40 fags to 0 :)

Lol..................lots of laughs, laughed out loud,

good luck and best wishes. Roy


Great news loopy!

Good to see you're using all the support you can, keep up the good work and keep us posted! :)


Well Done Loopy x x x x

Glad the site has helped you as much as it has me!!

The support is a god send x x

Keep up the good work!

~ x X x X x ~


Thanks for all your replies. I typed this earlier and as soon as I posted it the server went down - perhaps a squirrel chewed the wire! Was feeling a bit vunerable earlier but watched some daft tv program with my eldest and took my mind right off it. Had some odd cravings today but couldn't beleive the excellent response from you all - it really is a brilliant help isn't it? Not bad sleep last night - I think the ninja squirrels must have had the night off.

Hope you are all feeling good and if not log in - you know it's crazy in here!

I'll have to drop by the lodge soon - do you know if they have any cider in the cellar? I'm a bit partial to the odd tipple (and the rest).

Off to read the rest of todays posts (need my fix you know) - thanks again.




Excellent news! So very well done and as my daughter would say don't diss the achievement - not sure she could spell it though!



Totally tricky weekend

Hi everyone

Had a really odd weekend - up and down like the proverbial yo yo! A friend who has suffered depression suggested treating it the same way - just get through toady and tomorrow will probably be better - did that and felt absolutely fantastic Saturday morning. Like a fool didn't put on a patch By Saturday afternoon I was crawling the walls. Patch now firmly in place but I was so close to cracking - this has got to be the hardest thing I've ever done....

But still, onward and upward - of anyone's got any advice it would be much appreciated.

Hope you're all o.k LoopyXX

P.S. How do you start a new thread? - I've just spent ages trying to find the link - do you think my brain's withering with all the thinking it's doing? I just wish I could stop Thikingsometimes, do you know what I mean?



See I've even lost the ability to spell - I meant I wish I could just stop my brain going round and round all the time.

Loopy XX


Rofl My brain cells have left me along my with nicotine, alcohol n pregnancy abuse!! hehe I think I am down to about 3 brain cells by now !! :D lol


New thread links are top left of forum title page

ie week 2 = From home page which is here chose 'week2 forum'

Once ther you can see a 'start new thread' link top left of forum titles. Just like a new reply in an exsisting thread.

0_o easy right??? 0_o

Man I hope that helped! did i explain that bad?


Thanks Buffy - I really must get a grip!!!


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