Start of week 3

I am feeling VERY proud that I have gotten this far!! Never thought I would to be honest, but here I am, 7 hours into day 1 of week 3 :D :D WOW

Still have cravings, but they are not as bad as week one and determination is keeping me going, as well as the patches and inhalator ;)

I can breathe better (suffer with asthma), no chest pain, smell better and most of all my 2 boys are proud of me!!! ;)

Hope all are well and hanging in there

Mel xx

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  • Well look at you! Here you are! Week 3!

    A huge well done.


    Don't forget to keep the place nice and tidy, you will not be here for long, next stop counting in months.

  • Awwwww, thanks for that Bev, it really cheered me up, and made me giggle lol :) Also thanks so much for your support means alot :D

    How do you add those??? x

    Mel x

  • Not that good at all this stuff, but go to something like google images and then save as a picture. You can then upload it and post it by using the paperclip thingy above. I am also fairly sure that someone will come along now and explain it much, much better.


    It is always a man isn't it?

    I am going to be in trouble for that:eek:

  • Hehehe sure someone will prolly explain, but think I get the drift to be honest :D If not I can always practice and mess with it instead of having a cig when the need arises ;) x

  • Look your in Huddersfield and I am in Halifax, I'll pop over and give you a lesson if needs be!

    Now you should be really scared:eek:

  • Going to try it now :D


    Hope it works ;)

    By the way, I am not scared of you coming to give me a lesson lol ;)

    Mel x

  • Wahoooo it woked hehe go me xx :)

  • *Worked too lmao :confused:

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