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day 12 post 1

Hey! I’m Chrissie age 25, been smoking 11 years. I’m a mum of 2 and had been thinking of quitting for a long time but when I saw my 4 year old son simulating smoking with a jelly worm I was horrified! It was then my husband and I set a quit date and we are now on day 12! Hubby is markad01 who also sent his first post today! The kids are our main reason for quitting. We don’t them to watch us go through a horrible illness. We don’t want them to end up smoking because they have witnessed mum and dad do it all their life! The money we spend could go on a family holiday. Mark has a son of 13 as well and has already been caught smoking, maybe if he sees us quit he wont do it again. My 6 year old daughter asks us why we smoke and what do you say to that?? With 2 grandparents gone from lung cancer and my mum having several operations from hardening of the arteries and now with angina, quitting was a decision I made long ago but had never managed it! Mark and I have been using lozenges, gum and the inhalator. Quitting together has definitely helped us both stay on track and even though we have our days when we do nothing but bicker we both have a good frame of mind for it and we talk every night about how we are feeling which helps a lot! At day 12 I’m feeling confident, proud and ready for day 13. Breaking an 11 year habit is hard but I’ve decided I’m in control and my filter tip little friends aren’t.:p

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hi Chrissie,

im glad you started to quit

good luck & enjoy the site


Good luck to you and your husband. You have excellent reasons to keep you motivated on your quit.

You've already gone through a tough patch of getting the first week over, it should start getting easier from here.



Hi Chrissie :)

Well done getting to day 12 I replied last noght to Marh but didn't see this one until this morning

Below is my standard welcome and advice post which I try and give all new members

Welcome to the forum and well done on the decision to quit possibly one of the most important you will ever make and you will be losing nothing but you will regain control of your life and that has to be good

You will find all the help and support you need on here as we all help each other just like a family we are here for you every step of the way cheering the good days and sympathiseing with the bad but the good far outweigh the bad

Read the posts on here you will find a lot of tips and advice and in the signatures of a lot you will find links to other sites just click on them Here are 2 I find very good to start you off and Read, read and then read some more as the more you read and learn about why you smoked and about your addiction the easier your quit will be

This link is good for the psychological part of quitting

Post often to let us know how you're doing, to rant, rave have a moan whatever you like pretty much anything goes on here OK




Must be great having a quit buddy with you all the time, my hubby has never smoked and he can't understand what Im going through and he also doesnt appreciate how well Im doing.

This site will help you both and I suggest you read & read

Well done and stay strong


Hi Chrissie,

Well done!! It must have been awful seeing your child emilate you smoking but on the bright side, it's going to help you keep motivated!

I am not sure if you're using anything to help but when I went cold turkey, I found the best cure is not to put too much pressure on yourselves. Take it day by day and think.... I've not had a ciggie for one day, let's see if I can make it 2... and so on. It kept me off it for 2.5 years.

Stay strong and just remember... you don't NEED it, you just think you do. Alan Carr's book is also good but he also does a pod cast, so you can really listen to what he's saying, even on those days when you feel far removed from the real world due to keeping strong.

It'll be fine and you'll both be great. Just keep coming on the site and everyone works through each day with you. Also - We all know what it feels like and all the emotions you're going through. You're not alone.

Little Bob x


Just look at the NHS advert for stopping smoking to see this. Kids do emulate their parents as much as possible.. they do it to belong.. to fit in.. and you can't blame a kid for that.. this is why we lead by example.. and quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your kids.

Keep talking every night.. you'll have some truly awful days earlier on i'm sure, but keep things in perspective.. addiction is unpredictable sometimes, so angry moments do happen. It all balances out soon enough though, and things will seem much calmer too.. just stick at it and good luck.



Well done Chrissie!! I wish I had given up when I was 25. It will be the best decision you have ever made. Good luck to you and your hubby!! When my kids were little they really hated it and still do. They are adults now and as far as I know they don't smoke. Can't tell you the number of 'don't smoke' cards I have been given over the years. Anyway, it's better late than never for me. Cheers from Di.


Good luck Chrissie,

And welcome to the forum. Everyone here is really friendly and supportive.

PP xx


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