No Smoking Day

DAY 12 OMG (and sorry for not posting!) Fed Up with Champix!

Sorry for not posting since day 3 ish!

work has been soo busy which has sort of been a good thing, cannot believe for the first time in 21 years ive not smoked! Saturday was horrendous, just wanted to cry or do summit! Was at home having a few beers and EEEEK no fag to compliment them!!!

Am on week 3 of champix............................anyone know how longs these craving go on for! I know they can be worse with alcohol!!!

Aside from that doing okay!!

fed up with champix and want to stop them but told I have to do the whole 12 weeks................Doh!

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Just meant to add (chris ere am on my own), am piling on weight, bought half stone so far in two weeks, champix seems to be making me a bit well arsey to put it politely, i seem to have a very short fuse.........dreams are weirder every night! (some quite pleasant ahemm! (a bath sponge in the rugby squads shower!) lol) my circulation seems better etc but I just dont feel myself on these tablets..........I want to be myself again..........only not smelling like a ashtray and spending 3k a year on fags...................GAH!!!!

Sorry moan over!!!!



Me again

Just having glass of red wine a cooking fajitas...........typing here to stop fingers thinking of telling everyone at work they smell rank with cig smoke and losing friends!!!

OMG IM BECOMING AN ANTI SMOKER FROM HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hey Chris calm down and breathe!!!!! Sorry to hear you ain't doing too good on the champix. Are you taking 2 x 1mg - if so try halving the dosage. I must admit I haven't really had any major problems with it save several bouts of indigestion. I've had vivid dreams but no nightmares. If you really having probs with it have a chat with your doc and see if they can give you any help.



Hi there Chris - I'm on day 12 too and also taking Champix... Have been feeling rather similar to yourself... more short tempered than what I usually am and not sure whether its cos of quitting or side effect of champix. Other than that they did keep me awake at night, but I'm sleeping better now. Keep up the good work, you're doing great. It's a long road to walk down but there are loads of people to keep you company in here. Enjoy the wine. Gonna try a voddy & diet coke (gotta watch my weight you know)


sid effects champix

hi chris i feel for you too, have been there with champix,vivid dreams,some quite frightening and waking me up,also very strange feeling on my tongue as if it was burnt,coated or so - difficult to describe, i also felt ( and still am on and off) quite low and sometimes short tempered, but after being off champix for 3w now that hasn't changed and i believe it's just the fight we all fight giving up the damm smoking!

I stopped champix because i got too tired with it and because i smoked less than 10/day anyway. I felt safe to try without it - it was a risk and I still have a drug supplyfor the next 3/12 and keep them to take them when and if needed ( which happened twice so far and it was great to relieve the pressure and Ii did not smoke at the end!)

So if you've smoked more than I did and smoked for long time ( like it did over 26 years) then i recommend you try staying on champix - it's all worth doing!!!



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