not quite 3 callendar months

Hi everyone, 12 weeks today. 12 weeks with not so much as apuff. Got to pinch myself. Haven't posted much lately, stillreading the posts though. Was a wee bit worried to read some ppl getting really strong urges in month 4, so gearing myself up for that. Cycling and gym going really well, think I have new addictions lol. Hope everyone is well and staying strong, I am just loving life right now :D

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  • Hi Shojam

    Well done you :) 12 weeks is brill - it's a good milestone to reach and I'm very proud of you :D

  • Reading about folk who are ahead of you and still appear to struggle, it is worrying but "forewarned is forearmed" as they say, at least thats how i find it :)

  • Hi Shojam

    Really good to read your upbeat post about how your feeling.

    Good for you too with reading ahead and being prepared to duck and dive what may come your way.

    I too got to enjoy replacing the bad habit of smoking with the healthier option of exercise and cycling.

    Keep up with the great work and congrats on 3 months smokefree :cool:

    Pol :)

  • Well done on 12 weeks shojam..............just brilliant :D

    Gaynor x

  • Hi Shojam,well done and it's so nice to hear how well your feeling and loving life too....thats great. :) keep that spirit going.

  • Hi shojam

    3 months is fantastic ...huge huge well done to you :)

  • ahhhh thanks guys, it is amazing to be free from the effects of the terrible weed. I have so much energy now and the gym and cycling are keeping me occupied although my legs are killing me this morning. I was never into excercise in any way shape or form but I now absolutely love it, long may it continue.

  • 12 weeks & over now..well done shojam, you sound all happy too :)..nice one

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