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No Smoking Day
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Day 3 and hanging in!!

Chuffed to bits just to be able to post in here!! I'm using 4mg gum at the minute and so far it seems to be helping. I've had some huge palpitations today which have been a bit scary and my lungs are now thowing up all sorts of horrible bits but I have to keep telling myself its my body clearing the crap I've overloaded it with.

Getting a little nervous as on my last quit I caved on day 5 but I've stronger gum this time and more determination so fingers crossed this is the one!!

Good luck everyone in your quits!!:)

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Hi there

This is my day 3 and I'm feeling optimistic! Do you think the nicotine gum may be a bit strong and that's why you're getting palpitations? Smoking gave me horrendous thumping ones but since stopping smoking they have disappeared...I'm using Champix so perhaps that's why.

Good luck for the rest of the day and keep strong!


Well done you two - and hang in there! I'm only a day ahead and although I'm feeling the strain a bit I'm determined never to have to go through this ever again - which is the only outcome if I cave in now!

Hope to see you both in the days 4-7 bit tomorrow, just think you'll be well on your way to a week then!


It could be the gum as I increased the strength from 2mg to 4 yesterday but I also got palps when a smoker. Fingers crossed they ease off soon. If I go back on 2mg the cravings come back with vengence!!

Congratulations on your quit!!!:D


Hi all

Well done you lot, stick together and help each other through.

Your all doing really well and you will feel the benefits each day, read as much as you can and use this site because by the time you have sent a message the pangs will have past.

Keep strong


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