No Smoking Day
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Day 4 - I made it!

The urges are definitely getting less now - I didn't even want a fag after a particularly stressful experience last night!

I woke up feeling all wet - turned out one of the cats had snuck upstairs and peed on the bed.... :eek:YUUUUUK - not really her fault though as the door was shut and she couldn't get to the litter tray..

But I had to jump up, dive in the shower, throw the bedding in the wash, find a spare duvet..... normally all this would have me diving for the fags but I didn't really want one!

I'm wondering if I can start to cut down on the patches sooner than it tells you to - do they just say 12 weeks so you buy more of the things? Or is there a medical reason for it being that long?

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What an awful start for your day, and well done you did not smoke, that's great. I too used patches, I started on a lower dose and ended them earlier but I think maybe you could give them a little while longer. The choice is of course yours but you are going so well. However if you do reduce them and don't like it you can always raise the dose again.

Good luck.



What a nightmare way to start the day:eek:

Don't know about the patches, didn't do them.

I know lots of people round here did, so maybe if you searched some links you might find more answers.

Hope you day got better.:D


Hope your day got loads better and well done on Day 4



Can't believe the bad start you had and am so impresssed that you resisted the temptation! Very well done! Hope your day got better.


I did the full course of patches to 1 day before the end :).. i was seriously thinking about cutting the time short by 2 or 3 weeks.. or even more.. but figured in the end that no matter what, I would not introduce my own thinking into something that 'may' have been thought out properly by more scientific minds. So i just stuck at my course, it did me no harm and if anything i did feel calmer as the weeks went on anyway.. so it was no great shakes to continue to the end for me.

We are all different though, but if you are considering it, all i'll say is.. don't risk your quit with it though, make sure you carry an upopened patch with you for a while perhaps once you stop using them, just in case. Once you go say a week or two with no patches, then your pretty much done i'd say.


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