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Next Post will be 8 Weeks Smoke Free!!

Hi all

First - I'd like to thank Marg (hope you're reading) for putting this on a message you posted. I found it so helpful.

It has also helped me with my upcoming holiday - am off on Thursday to Disney World in Florida - probably the greatest anti smoking place in the world. I've been there before and they do make it quite hard - by putting the smoking areas really out of the way - next to the bins etc. But in the past I always hunted them out. NOT THIS TIME!!!

The link above has really given me a good approach to some of the triggers I've not yet encountered - the holiday ones. Feel well eqipped to deal with these now - and am feeling blooming' fabulous today (after my down in the dumps weekend).

Keep it going!!

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Well done Atomicguy, cant believe your leaving us after I only just got here. But I am sure Month 3 has better sea views and I believe that there are some lovely people in there as well.

Have a fab holiday wish I was going could do with a holiday myself. :)


Well done you, Marg is on holiday i think.

I went to disney a couple of years ago, and i know what you mean bout searching out the smoking areas. It will be so good to go and not have to do that, and what about that flight, you will not have to sit there worrying about the next chance to have a cancer stick.

Glad you are feeling good, if i don't get chance before you go, have a wonderful holiday and when you come back you must let us all know how you got on.


Younme - still gonna be enjoying Month 2 when I come back. Nov 1 is going to be my moving date - so looking forward to further chats.

Bev - Yes! Do you know I've been having the maddest thoughts like "what am I going to do if I'm not getting anxious and tetchy on the plane about having a fag?" or "Well what am I going to do when I land and I don't run straight out to the smoking area to have a fag" - its BONKAHS!!!

I've only been on here a few days but this place has really helped already.


well done fella - good work :D


Hi, I hope you have a great holiday. I just had a short break with my family and there were plenty of people smoking everywhere. Somehow I had this great relief inside that I didn't have to stand next to a bin or outside for this 'habit'. There was one guy with us who had to keep ducking out and I have to say I actually felt a bit sorry for him. Just think of all the fun you could be having there in Florida, you lucky person, - you can stand next to a bin anytime! Cheers from Di. x


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