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I'm on day 2 of not smoking and i have just had a couple of drags of a cigarette. I feel rubbish now. If I cant get passed day 2 then I'm buggered at this. so annoyed with myself. start again tomorrow then. sorry but had to tell somebody, cant bring myself to tell my boyfried who is also quitting with me.

I'm ok when I'm at work, its being at home in the evenings thats so hard. what is everywhen else doing in the evening?

big fat loser liane.

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Ok lets get this straight you are not a loser, quitting smoking can be very hard, i would recommend that you fess up the boyfriend, then you can start again without feeling guilty.

The fact that you feel rubbish after having just a couple of drags goes to show that you are ready and hopefully feeling rubbish will spur you on.

In the evenings a lot of us are around here, so please come along, i was having a lot of baths and early nights at the start of my quit, maybe join a gym or just go walking/jogging?

Lots of people will be along with help, the main thing is you are not a loser, nobody here thinks that.


Thanks Bev

Just wished I'd logged on here before. Thing is tonight round the mums for dinner, she was having a little nap so i nabbed one of her cigs. bless her tho she hadnt smoked in the house so i couldnt smell it and had only been outside once to smoke.

anyway have fessed up to the boyf and he was fine, we are just calling it a small blip!

thanks for being supportive, you are right early nights all the way now! early nights and this forum! feel heaps better now,no more blips! :)


Aww, don't feel bad, as bev says quitting is extremely hard! Are you using anything to help? Patches or anything? I have to say I am just 5 hours into day 3 and have very nearly on a couple of occasions given in to the dreaded cravings! Luckily we have no tobacco or cigs in the house anymore as other half got rid of them, even though he still smokes he goes out for a walk for one so as not to tempt me!

The main thing is you are still here and continuing to try! Don't give up giving up! Keep ya chin up and feel proud that you are admitting the blip and learning from it!

Good luck!!

Mel xx


Listen to the chicks babe. they have given us all good advice, you got my support, now stop bitching and get back on track, come on, you are part of a family xxxxx



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